That fit bird in countdown

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MikeS, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. So there i was havin lunch with me nan, when she puts on countdown, i thought, fuckin hell im bored enough as it is! However, i was pleasantly surprised by the totty in a short red dress, gotta say she gave me urges, which were then swiftly surpressed by realising my nan was sat on the couch :(
    Links, pictures of, i wants them i does!
  2. She is just another blonde bint with a tight fitting red dress that barely covers her thighs.

    Yes I see your point.

    How old is your Granny?

  3. ......sick. She's having a hip op soon so im afraid any shannanigans are out of the question!
  4. Aye,but how old is she?
  5. She's into Hip-Hop? Blimey, she must be a game old thing. :D
  6. Rachel Riley, the replacement for Carol Vorderman on Countdown, has raised eyebrows among daytime television viewers with a risqué minidress.Oxford University alumnus Riley, 23, appeared on the show on Tuesday in the scarlet outfit which barely reached her thighs.
  7. Too old for you! The countdown bird on the other hand, nice pic, but ive seen that on the tele!
  8. Noticed a typo in the thread title. I've corrected it.
  9. Lol so you wouldnt?
  10. Just answer the question please. Besides,you don't know how old I am!
  11. 23 - can't you read? :roll:
  12. The gran you muppet, not the porker. :roll:
  13. You say that like it's a bad thing :?
  14. The dirty little minx is on now.In some black and white tight fitting number!
  15. no point looking at birds fagboy