THAT Facebook group...Is back...

For those of you who arent on Facebook, or who might not of seen it, there is a group called soldiers are not heros. Before i get the torrent of abuse telling me this has been done before, i know, but its annoyed me somewhat. Here is an extract...

Does the thought of hero worshiping our armed forces make you want to vomit your spleen out?
Are you fed up of being told that soldiers deserve constant gushing praise?
Stand up and show members of the armed forces what you really think of them and their participation in needless bloodshed.


All you will need is:
* A white T-Shirt – Any one will do
* A phrase of protest such as the following to have printed on your shirt:


"Peterborough 2008: I was there"

"Soldiers are not heroes, footballers are"

"Proud not to murder civilians for a living"

"Everyone knows soldiers are best covered in egg"

"War is wrong... But don't tell soldiers"

"I don't support the troops, nor will I stand in front of them"

"I was raped by soldiers and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"

... You could put all sorts on there.

The Idea is that we all get our t-shirts printed then on :
********* 25th August ********
We all don our shirts and smugly toddle off out for the day in them.

If you want to take part you don't have to do anything else but get the T-shirt and wear it all day... MASS protest and any one can do it... Alll you are doing is being seen publicly denouncing these mass murderers.

How good would it feel to mosey on down your high street and see loads of other people going about their business and still taking part in a silent, peaceful yet effective protest?

May i suggest that we keep it uniform (pun not intended) and all use the same or similar font/colour to print our message so that you instantly recognise your fellow free-thinker on the street. Will post some ideas ASAP.

After the huge sucess of t-shirt day, a campaign has now started to make every 25th of August the official 'soldiers are not heroes day'.

The page is here: Soldiers are not heros

It goes on but ill leave it at that. Just have a read of the discussion 'Soldiers kicked my brother Jed in the head'. I thought it smelt a little bullsh*tty in my opinion.

Anyway, i put it to you, fellow arrsers, soldiers either serving or ex serving, to put this group in its place.

101,000 members they have, and i think about 20 arrses can sort it out. Any takers?
What can I say??? "Targets will fall when hit"

Matt007 said:
Im up for sorting these twats out, whats the plan

Ignore the tw@ts. Groups like this feed on the oxygen of publicity - starve of them of it and what you end up with is one or two red faced reactionaries frotting impotently with their keyboards.
Not worth the energy in my oppinion. The majority of the UK either support us or don't really care either way, the unwashed unintelligent hippy students all join their gay little group and feel big about themselves one day a year whilst everyone else thinks they're bell ends for the other 364.



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I like the idea of the T-Shirts! Now instead of committing acts of random violence we will be able to focus on a select few.

T Shirt slogan:

"I got beaten up by a soldier and all I got was this lousy bloodstained T shirt and a broken nose, cracked ribs, ruptured spleen, black eye and the need to visit a dentist"


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I want a white T-Shirt that says, I was raped my soldiers and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt. I could have hours of fun wearing that out and about. :)
terroratthepicnic said:
I want a white T-Shirt that says, I was raped my soldiers and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt. I could have hours of fun wearing that out and about. :)
If it say's that you want to sue the printers mate.


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Mind you, if memory serves last time this came up, of those 101, 000 members, about 100, 000 people are having a go at them..
Wearing white T-shirts on the day? It is on a par with those anti-war objectors who choose to wear white poppies during remembrance week. Ignore them and they will go away.
Matt007 said:
Im up for sorting these twats out, whats the plan
Already started, just speak your mind, let these scummy bastards try to explain there selves!

Upon discovering the existence of this congregation of scum i felt compelled to speak my mind,
I would like to point out that i myself am a proud soldier of Her Majesty the Queen, and i am outraged by what you are trying to do here.
Are you unable to see that our country is under threat from TERRORISM, and that by denouncing our troops you are SUPPORTING their cause?
Our troops are placed under strict rules of engagement that prevent them from "killing innocent people"
You claim that the military is a murderous organization? This organization PROTECTS you from the very extremist that you are claiming to be innocent!
Our troops go through hell every day to PROTECT you whilst you go about your anti-government activities, the very people you are protesting against PROTECT you whilst you sleep!
You disgust me, you are the scum of the earth and i wish upon you all a meaningless and painful existence.

By deleting this post or removing me from your group you are merely hiding from the truth.
Or maybe not quite as many sheep as you hoped for.

Maybe Arrse is reverting back to the way it was.
KeepCalmCarryOn said:
I thought hurling abuse at the creator of the group would be a good start, but not many seem up for it.
Arrse has gone soft!
Either that or they havent fallen HLAS for what so obviously appears to be a wah.
They cant even spell heroes right on their own page. Says it all really.
The outrage bus is still VOR, this was such a non-story that the bus itself grew arms and shot itself in the radiator to avoid being dragged out.
i just find it funny. usually the same students that go on about equal rites for gay/lesbian trans-gender hamster shaggers or other such shite. Usually turn out to be like the Modern Parents that used to be in VIZ.
Meh, im not that bothered if people want to abuse some small minded individuals or not. Im just a little outraged, considering that group was shut down a few months back and seems to of managed to start up again. Might just report as offensive and try and shut it down again. Seems like the easiest thing to do. Help would be appreciated though!
Why do you even care what a bunch of students think.

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