that f-ing security questionaire

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jash, Feb 3, 2004.

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  1. Not sure if anyone has had this problem, but my security details keep getting lost! Ive been cleared three times now (in process of fourth!) in 5 years and then out of nowhere i get informed that I need to refill my form due to an error. The problem is this is after a good few months!!

    How can this keep happening am I the only one who has arrived to go on a course to be told that Im nolonger eligable :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. gutted, any irish connection?
  3. yep but as far as i know my family arent up to anything inbetween picking potatoes and making kids etc

    How can i be clear one day and not the next but clear again the day after and my unit doesnt get told that im no longer clear until they apply for something for me and get told that I havent filled the F'~king form in which i can now do with my eyes closed :evil:
  4. as a good mate of mine once said:
    "it's like working with the fcuking TA"
    I'm sure he was joking, sh1tty bureaucracy twats really isn't it? Get your head down and fill the form in again, and quit whinging.
  5. Irish may or may not be classed as 'old hat'.... You ever been a muslim fundamentalist? :?

    Disclaimer:- Just in case this is read by any of the humourless PC Bde, this is not meant as a racist comment but a reflection of the current political climate and as a sign of the current change in army activities over the last few years. I have no racist views and would much prefer to spend any available spare time hating YOU, the people who are trying to ruin the lives of normal people throughout the world, regardless of your race, colour, religion, social background or nationality.

    I thank you :x
  6. i know that were no longer 'in vogue' but still im still sick of that bloody form
  7. Consider PPs back covered.
    Sign of the times innit? Fckin intefering dicks.
  8. oh aye
  9. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    LOL :lol:
  10. mine cause problems when i was asked if i had ever been a member of a paramilitary orginisation an i replied yes.........the scouts :lol:
  11. ah so long as you never tried to overthrow HM government ie by voting for the Green party
  12. Spent 6 months on a course at a "VVS" shhhhhhhhhhh place. Now discover that apparently I have absolutely no vetting status at all 8O
  13. An acquaintance, who had done a serious G2 staff job at HQ NI, left the Regulars, joined the TA, and found that his transfer was held up for several months due to his lack of vetting status.......
  14. Having an irish connection it took a year for my clearence to come through.....also they lost my form once and i was attested twice so the dates on the forms would match up and not show admin incompatence....oh well all good fun, worked out in the end. Still did all my recruit and trade training without proper clearance though. They were pretty sure on me because of having two brothers in the Regulars.

    Oh well, main thing is get your head down and let the desk commandos sort it out. Good Luck
  15. Jash

    I would concur with comments above, I know of a number of Iraqi nationals "exiled" in UK who have been working inside the DLO for years. Getting cleared is probably not the issue.

    Whilst there may be a backlog in the DVA, it is more likley that your Unit has lost, or never filed, your proof of clearance.

    In some units the Adj hold these. If you are in the Yeomanry or HAC, I think you will have guessed the answer by now