That delightful Mister Shiner at it again!!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by short-fuse, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. The odious ambulance chaser Philip Shiner is pushing for an inquiry into allegations of abuse of Iraqi insurgents during PWRRs TELIC 4 tour (Beharry etc). See Link Below:,,2193429,00.html

    This is so blatantly JAM propaganda and complete bollocks. Anyone who has read Dusty Warriors would have read about the huge fire fight that ensued. That stupid cow from liberty has also chipped in with her poisonous tounge. ******* :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
  2. And this bit grips my shi*!

    "Mr Shiner is acting for relatives of a number of Iraqis who died as well as the detainee, Mr Abbas. He was granted legal aid this week to pursue the case which will be presented by two leading human rights QCs, Rabinder Singh and Michael Fordham. They want the high court to order an inquiry into the allegations as required, they say, by the Human Rights Act."

    Right my bold, so Legal Aid has been granted for non-citizens of the UK, how the hell does that work? My taxes to pay for non-residents to sue the MOD for doing their jobs after they were attacked by terrorists WTF!!!

    My bold part 2, the Human Rights Act, now, correct me if I am wrong but I thought this was the European Human Rights Act, therefore, how can it cover citizens of the Middle East that have no residence in the UK?

    Surely the only thing they can possibly sue under is the Geneva Convention, if the "soldiers" are covered as they were in fact terrorists! This is BS in the highest order and whoever granted this bunch of hippie do-gooders Legal Aid, wants shooting themseleves. And we wonder why soldiers are leaving the Forces, they can't even do theirs jobs without fear of prosecution at a later date!

    :x :x :x :x :x :x
  3. This is all about milking the tit. You can rest assured that without legal aid, these learned gentlemen would not be offering their services. There was a ruling earlier which stated the applicability of HRA in Iraq. Easy, easy money. Fellas, it is difficult working out who the enemy is any more, I am not surprised people are leaving in their droves.

    New Labour, old danger......
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well put Nigelib. Just a way to a fast buck, care of the taxpayer.
  5. Because of Colin Powell's famous comment, "You break it, you own it". As I understand the legal bit, once we knocked over Saddam's government (and until a new Iraqi government was established), we effectively became their government. If we're in charge, our rules can be argued to apply....
  6. considering it was a battle including the use of bayonets and grenades you'd expect bodies to be pretty well mallated :(
  7. The country voted this gang of sh*tes into power THREE times FFS!

    It is not going to get any better either with 'Bottler' Brown at the helm and 'Captain' Darling counting the paper-clips.
  8. This is merely giving aid and succour to our enemies.

    Shiner and his odious ilk should be facing a charge of treason not receiving taxpayers hard earned cash.

    Human rights lawyers? The mere scum of the Earth.
  9. She's got a point though SF. If soldiers can beat a man in custody to death and get away with it, what are organisations like 'Liberty' supposed to think when other allegations are made against us? We may or may not agree with Chakrabarti's stance, but the QLR incident did the British Army and indeed the nation, no favours whatsoever and as long as that incident is left unresolved, human rights organisations will use it as a fine example with which to beat the sh*t out of us. The QLR incident has cost us dearly and even if as we believe, the current allegations are just tosh, given our inability to resolve the Baha Moussa case, we will always be open to suspicion of cover up. A substantial amount of people on this site, who will no doubt be taking a strong stance on this current issue, were the very same people who were more interested in Mr Mendoca's loss of career than the unlawful loss of Moussa's life. Hardly surprising that Chakrabarti has a go at us, in particularly when new allegations such as the current ones are made.
  10. I think we had initially the provision for an opt out of the EHRA for the Military which was not adopted by HMG.

    Agree about Shiner though nice to be a "crusading" (interesting choice of words in the circumstances) lawyer when you are getting sufficiently paid for it. Not bad too if impoverished Iraqi witnesses are getting expenses etc to come over to UK to give evidence.

    Things stink with the Mousa case and Biscuits is right until (if) that is resolved it will aways be held up against us.

    Cleraly there are doubts from the medics who examined these bodies as given in the reoprt of the senior doctor in Amara. As Brighton Hippy points out this was hardly fisticuffs but full on fighting in a brutal manner, the bodies are hardly going to be pristine.

    Mind you because Shiner has made the application does not mean it will succeed but I for one will be gutted if he does.
  11. They would have been granted legal aid because justice has to be seen to be done - that's one of the most basic and ancient principles of law. It is all the more necessary in this case because justice must be seen to be done not just here in Britain but, perhaps even more vitally, in Iraq and around the world as well. Being limp-wristed has nothing to do with it; being hard-headed and realistic has.
  12. Justice can't be seen to be done in this case bodies handed over no independent autopsy = nice little earner for Mr shiner :x
  13. Liberty are a good thing in standing up to governments in general, and this authoritarian government in particular. Its a shame the government takes little notice.

    That said, they are onto a loser with DANNY BOY.
  14. Tend to agree with Bicuit's thinking that until the QLR "issue" is seen to be resolved, we are an easy target.
  15. Good points are made as the army screwed up always going to be made to look bad .Still think mr shiner should be on a rendition flight :twisted: