That Cnut Blunt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by labrat, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Parkinson tonight - that utter twat Blout with no poppy on, only one person in the band wearing one - some former occifer that wanker is!
  2. I am mildly outraged.
  3. Oy pottymouth! Mr Blunt has done a tour of Kosovo, so show some respect..........although I suspect he'll be better known for the new entry into the English Dictionary:

    James Blunt adj - someone or something who is a cunt.
  4. Or 'My life is brilliant'.
  5. Come again, over?
  6. I'm not a big fan of Mr. Blunt, however, he has served overseas and earned himself a medal. Just before you rip into him....

    He asked Johnny Vaughn if he could appear on his Radio Show on Capital Radio last week. He asked all the listeners to buy a poppy and also to text Poppy to the RBL number so they could get a poppy on their phone and raise 1.50 for the appeal. He didnt advertise anything but the poppy appeal. He was only on for a few minutes because thats all the time they would give him. (Johnny Vaughn is also a bastion of the poppy appeal).

    The RBL received six times more donations in one day than they had before by text - thanks to this appeal.

    So dont knock him He has raised more than most of us.
  7. He raises me 7 3/4" when he sings.
  8. He is rather gay though.
  9. Come on lightening.
  10. How can it be? You're a fucking civvy.

  11. Agree with that. A faux pas with the poppy notwithstanding, Mr Blunt widely publicises his military career and in a very positive manner. Good on him.

  12. He's still a bummer though.
  13. And youre a c**t. So does that make us even?
  14. No. A cunt in the forces far outweighs a civvy fucktard.