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That cloud of radiation story....


Probably better here: Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane shot down in Ukraine

I doubt anyone would ignore it, just note its provenance and the previous lies, obfuscation (including supersonic hovering Frogfoot's) and disinformation that have come from the Kremlin, Russian troll farms and of course the 'useful idiots'
The actual mothership website for that article is a fansite (or at least it started off as one) for the STALKER game series. See here:

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl - Wikipedia

And they've had their English language Facebook page nuked, so the landing page has been messed about with. The "News" page exists, sadly, and it's just as full of crap as one would expect.
Not a surprise, Steveski.
It's total bollocks.
Your mate KGB Resident tried peddling this and all sorts of other trash to excuse Russia from having murdered nearly 300 people (From stupidity, as opposed to the ones it murders for fun).
And , what a surprise!
It's NOTHING TO DO with this thread!
It's a diversion!

I wonder how all you trolls fit under the bridge.

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