That bloody slim fast advert.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by allyjs, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone else get sent into a fit of anger when that advert comes on? You know the advert with the "catchy" shite rhyming song.
  2. Dont think I've seen that one but i hate the loan advert, you know the one with the football.
  3. Not that I need slim fast. But if I was a chubby fecker i'd be put off that product by the advert.
  4. Bloody hell, I only just watched it no more than 30 seconds ago and i turned the telly off and came on here about to post exactly the same thing. and yes, i hate it, makes me want to give the silly fat/slim slag a slap.
  5. I just hit the mute button and look at her tits.....
  6. Slimfast - Mmmmm lovely with CHIPS!!!!!
  7. Makes me think of murder!
  8. Annoying, yes, but it could be so much worse...

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  9. Ive started to have a slim fast milk shake just before bed after my ten pints of John Smiths and kebab but havent noticed any immediate change yet.........will keep you informed.
  10. do they still make that rubbish beer - what is it 1% alcohol or summat :D
  11. Shut up you shandy drinking (southern) puff. :wink:

    Get back on your boxhead frothy warm p*ss.
  12. mmmmhhhhhh lovely german beer - don't tell me you didn't like it Iron :lol:
  13. Why do you think Im in the state I am, over twelve years of Weisen and Warsteiner :pissed:
  14. wobbly lovely- the queen of beers :worship: