That Bloke Who was Knifed To Death in Oxford Street

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Santa_Sunday, May 14, 2008.

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  1. Far be it for me to pass judgement - so I won't - but he doesn't appear to have been the nicest of people...

    Random attack over a thrown cup of water or payback maybe...??

  2. I like the idea that someone has taken a vile piece of filth of the streets in a way he was so fond of himself in the past,just a shame he was'nt raped first!..........maybe payback :lol: :lol:
  3. Either way one fewer scum roaming the UK has to be a good thing surely.
  4. Quite what i thought, it will be interesting to see this go to trial. Wonder what the raped girl is thinking
  5. Innocent until proven guilty.
    That said, doesn't seem to have been a very pleasant character and presuming he bore some guilt for the things he had been charged with then too bad he ended as he did isn't it.
    Far cheaper than keeping him in HMP for 5 years and releasing him to do the same kind of thing all over.
    Only another 9 participants in the rape to hunt down....
  6. Okay, so which one for you did it? o_O
    It has begun... :p
  7. She'll be trying to get on with her life, she'll want to forget all of it, one of her alledged attackers being dead wont change that theres still more of them out there. Nor will it take away the fear and anger. She might be feeling relieved that he cant do it again or even upset that the justice system didnt allow her to place the blame at this persons feet.
  8. Sounds like it's three more; the victim, and the two 'people' arrested near the scene.

    It's a good job the police don't allow this kind of vigilantism, otherwise half the membership of ARRSE would be out on the streets of London looking for Labour politicians...
  9. You'd need to be scum to stab someone in the first place so techincally we have three fewer of them one being dead and two where'd we start on those politicians?
  10. Bargain, three for the price of 1. One evil fecker dead, two probably just as obnoxious on their way to the pokey.

    Probably not any form of payback, more like an argument over Respec' innit?
  11. and the poor public servants who risked getting Hep B/Aids - I wonder how they feel about trying to save the victim now? (I know they are wearing rubber gloves but there is still a risk)

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  12. A good amount of vigilante justice will have to make the govt crack down otherwise anarchy will result.
  13. The question has ot be asked..... why was this fatherless out on bail and able to walk the streets in the first place?
  14. As yee sow, so shall yee reap! Good drills!
  15. Because trying to keep slags off the streets is harder than herding cats