That’s Christmas Dinner sorted then....

Thumbs down indeed? Even the OP AuldCenturion enjoyed it.
It's the NAAFI old boy...not Sunday School.
There now.

(And fuck off)
redshift said:
What do you guys think I should do for Easter next year, in terms of food? My Xmas stuff has already been cooking away for the last 6 odd months.
wheel said:
Get a job or it will be the soup kitchen or food bank you dole scrounging immigrant.
Are there no workhouses or prisons? :? I get quite tumescent thinking of the workhouse treadmill and the cat o' nine tails. That's the only proper place for workshy immigrants. Grumble Grumble. :-D

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Hoping to get on DM headlines - that would be nice!
Spouting your views on Brexit, eh? Another ninety seconds of fame - and still no job.
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As I don't drink alcohol, gamble, smoke, chase wimmin.... my Xmas fare will be...

some brussels sprouts for 'ambiance'.....
a can of baked beans and sausages.....
a lump of cheese...... all micorwaved together..

and a bottle of Irn Bru as a following along with some Walkers Crisps.... as I sit watching the afternoon Tellybox...:eek::toilet::tp:

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