Thankyou liverpool

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by chris87, Jan 20, 2007.

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  1. One of the few times (no the first time) i have ever wanted liverpool to win

    made my day now if man utd win tomorrow 9 points clear bye bye jose :headbang:

    now all we need is liverpool to take over the rent boys and it will seal mourinhos fate
  2. That's the end of Chelsea as we know it. Roman's train set is not working properly, too expensive to repair so throw under bed with other broken toys. Jose blaming Roman for not respecting him enough! Poor, poor boy. Players not up for a fight and this time next season Chelsea with new owner and new manager will be where history has proved they should be, under achieving mid table. And Chelsea fans forever reminding us of the good old days, i.e. 2004-2007. Bore off. It's over, get over it....
  3. im delighted we won so convincingly today, but don't get over-excited. when JT comes back from injury and carvalho returns, they will be a different team.

    as the Houston Rockets once said - never underestimate the heart of a champion (even if that heart was AWOL today :D )
  4. zzzzzzzzz......

    As I have said, well done liverpool as they where definatly the better team today. But D&G, we loose 1 game and suddenly its all over. Have a word with yourself man. You change your mind more times than a woman.

    Steve Gerrard was the man today
  5. One game? DS, you're dropping more points than a blunt thing.

    CR, I thought you were a blue!
  6. Their not going to win the premiership :twisted: Jose i feel may be off at the end of the season unless they win the champions league

  7. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. good job you're not in an analysis job or anything, with the dozens of liverpool posts ive made over the years :)
  8. Point 1 D&G - If we were droping so many points, we would be lower than second I think

    Point 2 - Even a new recruit on phase 1 training who has had 1 look at Arrse could tell you that CR is a Red FFS.
  9. Even IF we win the Champs League, I think Jose's days at CFC are numbered
  10. My bold.

    Needed a bit more emphasis I thought.
  11. Why thank you YS - There is always a chance
  12. Point 1. You're a blue, you tell me how many draws and defeats you've had over Chrismas and New Year, not to mention a hat full of goals conceded. Concede goals you lose and draw games, you lose and draw games you drop points. 6 points behind Man Utd and they have a game in hand. Liverpool are making ground on you fast while you're off form, Liverpool are winning each game. You can't make it sound optimistic when it's not. :thumright:
  13. Laugh...i almost got the beers in. Until i seen my shower of shite give up a 2 goal lead at St James, dont think that beer will do the job somehow! :pissedoff:
  14. And point 2?

    So, what team are you a fan of this week. Is it the Hammers, Wycombe, or someone else? Been to eleven-a rife lately?

  15. I was even nice to my scouse mates when I bumped into them today. They looked at me in bewilderment until they clocked on what they had done for us. Hope they don't get used to it, I'll be back calling them every name under the sun tomorrow.