Discussion in 'US' started by Gundulph, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. Firstly a Very Happy Thanksgiving to all our Brothers from across the Pond. Anyone have any idea as to when exactly it is? I have heard the last Thursday in November as well as the 4th Thursday in November!

    A few of us were very kindly invited to a Thanksgiving in Clarksville, Tennessee when we worked over on Range 28 at Fort Campbell clearing the range of everything from Indian Arrow Heads to Mk82 Low Drag GP Bombs in 2004, I've never forgotten the delicious taste of Sweet Potato Mash in Jack Daniels ... it encouraged a few of us to make the trip to Lynchburg, home of the famous Jack Daniels Distillery, where we discovered we weren't allowed to sample the JD we had bought in the Jack Rabbit Store as Lynchburg is a 'Dry County'!!!

    Imagine 70 Million Barrels of Jack Daniels sitting in warehouses in a Dry County 8O
  2. thank you mr gundulph. glad you had fond memories of your tg experience.
  3. It's Tommorrow
  4. To our American brother in arms...Happy Thanksgiving.
  5. 8O Ahhhhh today it is then 8) enjoy :wink:
  6. Seconded. :)
  7. Thirded. :D
  8. Thanks to all for the kind wishes from our British brothers.

    Tomorrow morning I will be making the 3 to 4 hour trek to spend the holiday with an uncle, USNA (Annapolis) 1947. Still quite mentally alert but a shedload of health problems. Great stories of the Navy in his day.

    I just finished printing out for him the 1911 midshipman cruise diary of RADM Edward Ellsberg USN OBE. I think my uncle will enjoy reading about an even earlier era. Anything by Ellsberg is a good read. I grew up reading his books on sunken subs and naval salvage. During WW II he worked closely with the British clearing the harbours in the Red Sea and North Africa. Also worked on Normandy landing.

    For any here interested in reading about Ellsberg go to I know it will entertain Uncle Matt but will also be of interest to some here.


    (light dinner tonight so I can overdose on turkey tomorrow)
  9. Tommorrow is going to be Colon Hell

    Roasted Turkey
    Mashed Potatos
    Sausage dressing
    Cranberry sauce
    Hot buttermilk bisquits
    Mince pie
    Apple Pie
    Bluberry pie
  10. Pace yourself. That's what I do. Got to leave room for the snifter and the cigar at the end.
    Thanks to all our British cousins in arms for the well-wishes. :wink:
  11. Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. Happy Thanksgiving to y'all Americans :D
  13. Thanksgiving After Action Report:

    Sweet potatoes
    Green Beans
    Bread stuffing
    Hubbard Squash
    Manicotti stuffed with home made ricotta cheese
    Broccoli and Cauliflower casserole (cheese sauce)
    Penne pasta in cream parmesan sauce
    Apple Pie
    Blueberry/Strawberry Tart on almond cream
    Pecan Pie
    Pumpkin Pie
    (note re menu - in-laws are Italian-American and do things like make cheese from scratch)
    (2nd note, I commented to cousins husband who carved the bird what a great job he was doing, forgetting for a moment that he is a surgeon and quite used to cutting carefully and deftly)
    Espresso w. Sambuca

    Lovely time had by all. Wee Godkids adorable. Uncle loved the material on RADM Ellsberg. (note to Brits, see link above, interesting observations about Queenstown, now Cobh and Gibralter)

    Thanks for kind wishes.