Thanksgiving Day

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Busterdog, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. Happy Thansgiving Day to all our American members.
  2. ... and a win for the Cowboys!
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you across the pond!!
  4. Thanks. We ate and drank like pigs - is the American way! :)
  5. Thank you for the kind wishes from the Septic side of the pond to all.

    A nice day with relatives. A long drive but NO SNOW!! (yet)
  6. Come up to the northeast. We have been blanketed these last few days. Forecast says it will go on for the rest of the week.

    Happy Turkey Day!
  7. happy thanksgiving to all our septic muckers
  8. You must be in upstate NY or something. Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire have had no snow at all. We did have a little sleet today. I do know I have friends just north of Toronto and they had 4 feet this week.
  9. Thanks to all.
  10. Would like to add to the Happy Thanksgiving nessages, even though it's a day late. Isn't today Black Friday, when the Septics crush Walmart wallahs to death in the hunt for bargains?

    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving.