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From the mother of a wounded soldier who returned from Spain yesterday, this holiday is something we collectivley provided from arrse

Hello David,
May I thank you for a wonderful family holiday, it was certainly what we all needed. Could you please inform Vanessa that we left the keys to both apartments underneath her doormat as we were unable to contact her prior to leaving.
Once again I cant thank you enough for enabling this trip and if there's ever anything myself or my family can do to assist you then please don't hesitate to ask.
Kindest Regards
Mother of soldier and Family
Ahh thats nice, leaves a warm fuzzy feeling

drain_sniffer said:
Spanish_Dave said:
Could you please inform Vanessa that we left the keys to both apartments underneath her doormat
And these appartments would be where exactly?? just out of interest you understand
drain_sniffer , you have the villa then and I'll have Vanessa :wink: ,ok with you .

It's letters like this that remind us all about how much good MDN and his minions are doing (just kidding about the minions bit:D)

When you hear about some of the 'big' charidees sending their execs to places on first class flights and booking entire hotels for conferences you realise that, other than a few quid MDN might need to replace a worn out hamster in his harem, all the moneu that we give goes to the people who deserve something ggod happening more than anyone.

I've not been able to give a huge amount, I've given what I could afford to, but I know that it wont be 70%, 60% or 50% of the cash going to the good but EVERY SINGLE PENNY in that fund goes where it's supposed to.

Spanish_Dave, MDN and all the rest, I salute you :salut: :salut: :salut:

Someone needs to post that letter and any like it over on rum ration so that the minority of tw@ts over there who've spoiled the good name of the rest can see that what is being done is good

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