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  1. off to catterick on tuesday.

    just like to say thanks to everyone who has answered my questions/ given me abuse/ issued a threat of violence towards me.

    without the help of this forum i probably wouldnt have got through the selection process.

    cheers again
  2. I dont know you neither am I a soldier (or what they call a Walt either, from what I can gather a Walt is at least), but good luck old son!
  3. Head down, move fast but above all enjoy!
  4. Enjoy your new life.
  5. The abuse hasn't started yet!

    Check your PMs. That is not an offer for you to kill me on the A6108 though.
  6. Agreed :twisted:
  7. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Head down, arse up and don't forget your sense of humour!
  9. Don't gob it - I have sent him a PM offering to pick him up from the station and take him there. You will have me to deal with if he gets hurt, after the dog has had ya!
  10. Good luck, keep us updated.
  12. You shat that one didn't you?
  13. Good luck soldier!!
  14. Best of luck mate! Agreed on all the help a aspiring recruit can get from arrse!
  15. Good luck Private Pile mate!