Discussion in 'REME' started by pieface, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. I've just past Selection today. I stuck to my guns and went for the Avionics tech, got my quols sorted and accepted. Thanks for the help and advice that was given to me when I first posted.
  2. Congrats Pieface.
    Now comes the difficult bit, Basic/Recruit Training. (CSMR)
    Maintain your sense of humour and don't salute Warrant Officers.
    When one of your Instructors demands to know what your function is your response should be, "To do exactly as you tell me Cpl/Sgt/Staff," whilst at the position of attention.
    Trade training is a doddle, especially for a Greeny. Your nearest pub is the Brams.
    Gimme a shout in 22 years if it all went OK. :salut:
  3. Well done Shiny ARRSED Tech, hope everything goes well during Phase 1 and as long as you do what ECE says you should do fine. Accept the banter between the Techs and the real REME soldiers (black hand trades) it comes with the job. Just like I slag squat to p*ss B mechs off we all get on deep down. Was in the Brahms last year for the first time since 1988 basic training (Rowecroft Bks) ECE Arborfield looks a lot different now a days.

    Remember Pieface do what your told, muck in, be the greyman and enjoy.
  4. Hi Mick!!

    ece's know best!

    *waves from North Wales*
  5. Christ AK, North Wales? "If you can tell me 'ow many sheep I gottin this bag you can sh#g both of 'em." Or is it a posh posting for a Scouser? Anyway Bud, the email address you supplied bounces back to mine with error msge. You did promise me many years ago that you were going to "Switch On" and "Buck Up" I now fear this is not the case! I hear you enjoyed 20 Elect Wksp - ha ha.

    "The primary function of a REME Wksp is to ensure it's personnel appreciate postings to the Teeth Arms and so hasten their return to Regimental LADs as soon as possible."

    Take note Pieface, Greenies spend almost their entire lives in REME Wksps.
    Shoulda been an Ece - VM A - Insts at a push. It's never too late mate...
  6. Well done young un, about 5% of your initial training completed! Now is the time to concentrate on the next phase, Apply yourself as before and keep your sense of humour.
  7. Hi pieface :
    I have passed my Selection on 30-July , and I got my First choice as Avionics Technican but I will be going for my basic training in January 2008,
    I would be very happy if you can give me any tips,
    What is the syllabus like for Avionics Technicans.
    What are the text books, what books would you recommend me for Avionics, and Maths,
    I would be happy to know anything that you think can help me,

  8. Would also be very happy if anyone could let me know what I'm letting myself in for re: the maths test/assessment thingie at ADSC.
    Only I'm crap at maths and it would help if I knew where to concentrate my efforts - maths isn't a small subject.

    If all goes well, should be doing trade training as either a VM or an Armourer :D .
  9. hi squiddly. for selection the maths test is quite alarge test but from what i can remember its moslty multiple choice, get studying mate, and sorry to be harsh but if your meant for the reme you should pass with relative ease, im sure you will. the main thing is be confident but dont gob off. and do as your f***ing told.

    good luck
  10. Don't forget the motto...NIL ILLEGITIMI CARBORUNDUM

    Keep your sense of humour, muck in and you won't go far wrong