Thanks !


hi everyone im off tomorow for my training at Catterick and like the title

says i would just like to say thank you to everyone for all the support and

information they have given me, its been a great help :thumright:

getting abit nervous now lol just cant wait to get stuck into it now....

ill try and keep posting in as much as i can if i get a chance,

THANKS! once again
good luck fella

i'll be honest with ya the first 6 weeks is full of bullsh1t

told when to eat sh1t sleep etc, can't go round camp on ya own or anythin... plus dont expect a day off in them 6 weeks even weekends :p

stick at it though it gets better.. i'm in week 11 now and loving every minute of it

i read from other posts your joining staffords right??? pow div.. think you'll be in P4 coz they havent long passed out ;)


Nah i think they go through all the numbers up to 9 before they re-start it again, p4 passed out last but before them was p8 and p9, so it will be one of them. Next to pass out in our div is p7 m8, then my platoon :D

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