Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by tommo5456, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. Thanks alot for your help and advice. It has helped.
  2. Ballykelly from what I can remember of it (mid 90's) is a toilet of a posting.

    It is located on the western side of northern ireland in the ******** of no-where. Firslty, it is one of those postings that require a car to escape the utter boredom of the place. Without some form of transport you are tied to Shakleton Bks like a ball and chain.

    Ballykelly town is the name of the row of shops located on the main road outside of camp ie, papershop, pieshop etc.. The nearest town is called Limavady but this is your bog standard northern irish market town and is approx 3 km away from the camp. The place for pads to get shopping in, takeaways, off licence and a few shit kickin bars. Your nearest major town is derry but unfortunately the city centre is on the bad side of town. Dont know what the current policy is on venturing over the bridge but probably OOB restrictions still apply.

    On a good note there is a crackin club up in a town called portrush - its called Kellys and I recommend a visit as the place is jam packed full of talent and its a safe place for a guzzle - again, knacked without a car though.

    All in all - a shit posting as with most in NI.
  3. Kellys of Portrush is and has been for several months Out Of Bounds (and its not likely to go back into bounds either).
    Like I said in the other forum that you asked the same question in, if the post youre after is accompanied (which post are you after?) then you can take your other half, if the post is unaccompanied then she/he cant go.

    I spent ages at BK, it is the backside of the world but its what you make of it.
  4. I cannot believe that still to this day Kellys is OOB. Typical out of touch military rule makers who dont give a toss about young single soldiers. They dump em in a place like Ballykelly and then restrict their movements for a pint. Is the management trying to convert all the lads to fags by keeping em in barracks? I mean come on, Portrush is not exactly a paramilitary stomping ground, its the Blackpool of Northern Ireland.

    Still whoever gave a sh*t about OOBs, I spent many a 28dayer with 3 meals and a bed in my hunt for northern irish skirt.
  5. Dip you head in cold water, shake it, see the world out side of all things that are historically about Northern Ireland, its OOBs because of drugs, as are the other clubs in that area such as Tracks (formerly Bed, now known as ISO)
  6. Yes sir - and i can tell you i had many a fine night in that establishment. :lol: :lol:
  7. yes, like you said, its a fine night out!