Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Critical_Blue, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. Since my last topic was trolled to feck and now I can't post in it, I'd just like to say thanks to everyone.

    Said topic: Click Here

    I'd just to point out that most of what I said was in-jest (window licking, etc). I wasn't whinging or "giving attitude" - I was simply asking is there any way around the UCAS business. I'm not thick and could have easily gone to universtiy, but decided to put boots on instead - criticise if you so wish.

    I simply wanted to debate "qualifications" vs "life experience" but obviously most people would rather cause an argument.

    It's nice to know this site is STILL as hostile as it was 4 years ago. Honestly, I think a lot of people are only on this site to shit-stir. I expected better from so-called professionals.

    (To those who actually gave sensible answers - a genuine "thank you" to you :) )
  2. You assumed people on here are serving 8O :? When I get notice back from Glasgow and get back in I'll be actually working not surfing the internet... :)

    ..and watching 4oD...and porn every now and then....etc

    ... :lol: it's the correct path yes 8)
  3. FCUK... OFF....
  4. she must be on her moons
  5. Moreover, if you can't cope with a little bit of mild slagging on the internet your chances of coping with real-life scary soldiers in Helmand are somewhat slim.
  7. Phew, and I always thought you were the nice one in the team.
  8. I am, but sometimes tough love is the way forward.
  9. Indeed...

    If you've learned nothing about the squaddie mindset in four years, you are not fit to command a tea towel let alone soldiers.

    Dry your eyes.
  10. PS are you with C Company 3 PWRR? Been in for four years, recently applied for a Commission?

    Clearly nobody at your TAC will be able to ID you ( and tell you to stop bleating on t'internet.) 3 PWRR are a good bunch, why not shut up?
  11. To whom is this last lot of vitreol aimed? If it is me or OOTS then you are out by a country mile.
  12. I think perhaps it was aimed at Critical Blue's huge C Coy, 3PWRR banner signature.

    The veil of anonymity of the internet nearly removed in a few simple clicks! 8O

  13. I hope you have nothing to do with the G2 world.

    F (obs). And its "vitriol".
  14. "qualifications" vs "life experience"

    Thats an easy one tiddles: Nil vs Nil
  15. I never read back that far, I have a staff to do that for me (they will be punished accordingly). I will speak with Gates re the spelling issue.