Thanks to so many!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by invisiblehelper, Jul 9, 2008.

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  2. Have you been smoking the whacky backy again??
  3. yay! TA threads are about to get their very own BBR!

    Hang on, I'm popping out for munchies and pop, I'm not missing a second of this one.

    And before some pious ranting, rambo knife wielding worthy bloke jumps down my throat, well done on 5 years service, hope I can stick at it that long.
  4. You have to join first, posting on here doesn't count as time in! :D
  5. Bad Boy Rasta?

  6. That'll be BlotBangRub, I reckon. What happened to him anyway? Did he top himself?

  7. You old crooner...... "To all the girls I've love before"......
  8. and here he is...
  9. Is that me?I doubt it. Never ever owned a Rambo knife (although I do believe there is a machete under the stairs) Jump down your throat I do that all the time, don't think your special. Pious! Well I'm just a thick Infantry type, explain it to me.

    However good luck with your application for the TA if you decide to join
  10. invisiblehelper...

    you still owe be about 10 G&Ts and 6 pints of Grolsch. Mind you, after 5 years of FTRS you should be one one getting the drinks in!

    Sad to hear you have gone... RTMC will never be the same again! Are there ary stabs left there? Or are they now all on Ops?