Thanks Sugar

Ray is desperately trying to tie up a make or break deal and is in a five star hotel, ordering drinks for three potential investors. He spots Sir Alan Sugar coming out of a lift, excuses himself and approaches Sir Alan. "Pardon the intrusion Sir Alan, but I was rather hoping that you might help me secure a very important deal. If you would just be so very kind as to speak to me as you pass by my table. A simple Hello Ray, how are you, coming from such a great businessman as yourself, would impress my contacts in a seriously big way, Ray fawned."
Sir Alan says. " I'm impressed by your forward thinking young man and as a self made man, I'm always ready to help out a go getter."

Ray profusely thanks him and returns to his table. Shortly after, one of the marks stutters. "Sir Alan Sugar's here and it looks like he's heading this way." They all stare, wide eyed as sure enough, Sir Alan is making a beeline for their table. He stops in front of them and..."Hi there Ray, how's it going? we must have a drink together soon."

The three guys gape as Ray says..

"F**k off Alan, can't you see that I'm busy?"
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