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Thanks spanish dave for our holiday!

My husband got shot in the leg whilst on ops in basra last year and as you can imagine its been a very tough time on all of us.especcially because i was heavily pregnant at the time.
spanish dave has kindly offered us free accomadation to polaris world spain. at first i thought this was too good to be true but its not.
on the 31st march me and my husband and little girl are going on a well deserved break to spain.
i will keep you informed on how fantastic its gonna be.
im sooooooooooo excited. :D
if your injured please take him up on the offer.its too good to miss!
minister_doh_nut said:
EX_STAB said:
Hope the leg is coming along.
Well its not going in the suitcase, they charge a fortune for being over the weight limit :D
That must be expensive for you then - isn't that your preferred method of travel? Leather bound suitcase trembling in the hold.....Sniff sniff.... ;)
wraf ... thanks for posting that, and hope the break helps you all.

unless of course you're TG12 .... 8) 8) 8)

Duty Crab
Mixing in Bad Company
Who cares ... get well soon, and enjoy!
How's the building site getting on?
Have you drained the pool yet?


Go on, post a piccie of their destination for us, so we'll all feel jealous.

No, not the "touched up" one, the real one :wink:
dave, ive contacted a few friends who were seriously injured in an idf attack on the cob in july last year to see if they are interested. one still is in headley court so he will have to see if he can get let off.im sure he'll be in touch.i hope thats ok.........?

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