Thanks Sennelager

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by essexbob, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. Thanks Sennelager for a great two weeks especially:
    The CATT guys for a fun afternoon in hot sweaty metal boxes, loved it.
    The cooks for some reasonably cooked scoff
    The RMP for being human, at least for once
    The guy at The Taste of India, good curry Sh*t pizza
    The fire defence staff for a good presentation to my lads
    Paddies Bar
    and the girls at Tingletangles who made an old man very happy :eek:
  2. Probably the worst Lager in the world.
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    If carlsberg made $hitholes..................
  4. Dont tell me that tin city is still there ? 8O
  5. Sennelager...Now that brings back memories. I remember going to the Pleasuredome and F*uk me there were some scraps in there. As a fresh faced nig it scared the C*ap out of me. You had to learn to look after yourself quickly in Sennerlager and Paderborn.

    In one bar they had the hammer and nail game which usually turned into some p*sshead trashing the place when they missed on their turn.

    Must admit it was like a squaddies playground and I had a good time.

    Medals should be awarded for drinking there.
  6. Oh I do hope so, I'd love to go back and throw more Murphy Bricks.

    *dances up and down in anticipation*
  7. You must have been to a different Sennelager to the one I've just been to. :roll:
  8. Yeah I agree. It was no jolly. We all got ragged from pillar to post and the place wasn't that good. Is this the new Sennerlager coming into line with the new Army?
  9. i did 2 weeks there with the T A an feckin loved it i hear the training areas bad but i was on a loaders course down the road so i was between sheets every night pissed up i might add. I bagged my first prostitute there and the local morbidly obese frauleins were very accomodating best course ever
  10. I've still got my stein glass from senny with 'Geordies Bar' emblazened upon it....happy days!!!! :pissed:
  11. Tin City's still there, or so it seems. Google Earth showing it with even rustier wriggly tin buildings than ever before. Happy days!
  12. I spent a rather wonderful 3 years in Sennelager (initially a bit of a shock as I'd just come from Belize!). To be based there, in my case Antwerp Barracks inside STC, was a lot different from having to go there for a course or training where you resigned yourself to getting beasted and messed around for several weeks. Yes, the Pleasuredome was, erm, 'entertaining'?, but being based within STC was great, apart from the huge walk back to camp from the main gate. There were plenty of other 'normal' quieter bars away from the strip and better schnellis too. The strip was like Blackpool for Squaddies (without the familiys, sea and trams of course) with alll of the crap food, drink and vomit you could possibly want from a Friday pay day drinking session.
    And the RASS was on our doorstep FTW!!
  13. My first posting in Germany,Athlone, what a dump,Bill Day's pub and Aggi's bar, fighting down the strip, long ago and far away, Thank F**k
  14. Admittedly, Athlone was a close to a Stalag as you could get in Germany ;)