Thanks Mum !!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RABC, Aug 29, 2009.

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  1. Nothing like getting your name in the papers !!


    Bet he is so happy . What shoddy reporting - he is a "corporal Signalman serving with 2 RTR with 209 Signals 3rd Division" - Eh ??

    Great Persec. Interview with CO coming up ??
  2. Bet his Quarty just luvs him now :)
  3. Kit Monster Alert!

    How can you spend £300 on a gonk sack? Softie 9 = £120. Tropical Bag issued. Add them together for warm, use either for cooler.

    I admit I spent a little on topping up my kit issue (about £200), but £1000 per tour is counter productive. At the end of the day, kit is just stuff. As long as the important stuff (Rifle, Armour, Water bottle) does it's job all else is just comfort. Having mums holiday fund in yer bergen is just going to be a potential distraction.
  4. More to the point, given he's on a decent income anyway, why is she buying it and not him?
  5. The guy sounds a total throbber - does he not get paid himself? Does mum go out and do the tours for him? He's meant to be a Corporal for FECKS SAKE, in charge of men himself and someone the new guys can look up to. Every week one crow will be pissing themselves over this and wondering WTF is happening up the road? A total tool of the first water. I'd imagine the reality is he's got an expensive habit and snorts his pay up his nose. He's a laughing stock.
  6. £300.00 on boots... :? :? :? ...O.K..I'm only a cold war ex-stab..but if I remember ex-German para boots were great 'n' still avaliable now...£300.00 for a 'maggot'...
  7. Shame the journolist didn't ask this question Jim30.

    What a shining example eh?
  8. High riser as well!!
    Been in 12 years and reached the dizzy heights of corporal, or is promotion a rarity in the Sigs nowadays?
    Still a mummy's boy by the sound of it.
  9. And in the comments section below the story;

    (Clearly an Arrser,mentions the Outrage Bus! )

    Please note the outrage bus is no longer available for this story. Which in civvy speak means, will those who have never served and those who reckon they are serving but know nothing of conditions or kit (JJA, Kabul) stop jumping up and down and stamping their feet for a story without a cause. Take a deep breath, sip your coffee and READ WHAT THOSE OF US WHO ARE SERVING HAVE SAID. The large pieces of kit may not be all we want but our personal issue, clothing, boots, etc is some of the best in situ. If Lorna, who must be aware that he earns approx 29k pa, has been stupid enough to fall for her son scrounging off her for gucci kit then hell mend her, . I hope her hubby, who has done without holidays and probably other things to fund her stupidity, is reading these comments and realises he's been had too. The kit she shows in the photos is 'issue' so she is spending their money on kit she says is not good enough. Not the sharpest tool in the box , Lorna, now sod off with your whinging.
    - Sue, Sussex, 29/8/2009 09:11

    Read more:
  10. Mothers can be loose cannons. Mines been humiliating/patronising/embarrassing me in front of my mates/girlfriends/bosses for the last 25 years. No amount of intelligent discussion/ gentle persuassion/ pleading/ shouting/ emotional blackmail would make her shut up, so I just ignore it now. Once she gets a Bee in her bonnet about something, even if its total bollox (which it usually is), you just can't stop her writing to the PM/MP/papers/BBC etc. Being a mother apparently gives you moral authority and the right to comment in public on anything your kids are up to. Hell, that poor squaddie would likely be me if I was serving. :oops:

    I still luv me mum though.................well most of the time :) :wink:
  11. If he loses any of that kit his mum will give him hell. !
  12. Should be fine, she'll have sown name labels inside it all
  13. .

    This cheered up my otherwise wet and windy afternoon...... you have my sympathy :lol:
  14. She would get it though....twice at a push .and she has money to throw away!!!!

    Angry 2RTR Cpl if you read this is yer mum single...not that it matters???