Thanks guys!

I have been looking for the best site to post this on I hope this is the best place to put this.
My family and I were watching the P.M Brown making his speech about the political bollox in Afghanistan on Sky yesterday in our hotel room whilst on holiday, we were so moved when the screen split and it showed the repatriation of the two lads killed earlier in the week, one side of the screen was a man trying to save his political arse whilst on the other were two true heroes of this country returning home after making the ultimate sacrifice. You don't deserve all this political back biting whilst you are in harms way. We as a family would like to say a big thank you to all the troops fighting for our country where ever they are. We feel for all those families who have lost their loved ones and our prayers are with you all. Many many thanks, our troops are not given enough recognition in this country. WE AS A FAMILY CERTAINLY FEEL VERY PROUD OF ALL OF YOU.

Tony and family Take care guys!

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