Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dale the snail, Mar 5, 2004.

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  1. Oh Heath, Oh Honey!!!!!


    bite me!!!!
  2. I'm in the moo-hood for dancin!!!!

    Too much fun.
  3. Hurts my brain to even try and step down into that cesspool. :roll:
  4. What have I done now?
  5. Well, you have the complexion and dress sense for it.
  6. Baddass - Marry me?????
  7. No thank you Spotty Muldoon. I'm spoken for!
  8. How? I feel very sorry for him / her. They could do better!!
  9. Thats rich coming from Gaydar Lino, I seem to recall that his entire input into the site has been trying to be a clever cnut by slagging off other members.

    And he lost, every time.

  10. Well thank you. And what have I ever done to you?
  11. and thats a her anyway!
  12. gado i still love you (can i have that shag now?) :p
  13. Yeah she probably could. But I'm hung like a baboon, so i suppose I've at least got that much going for me. Oh yeah........and I've got a fast arrse.
  14. OK Miriam, but remember......on Monday, it's back to Frank and you wear trousers..