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Discussion in 'House of Commons' started by DOT, May 16, 2013.

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  1. DOT

    DOT Old-Salt SME

    Here at the Digital Outreach Team we wanted to thank everyone for their comments about us having a visible presence on ARRSE:

    As part of its inquiry work, the Defence Select Committee wants to hear a range of views on army and wider defence issues and we (DOT) approached ARRSE because they host such a range of views.

    At this point we don’t know exactly what our presence on this site would look like – that will be something for DOT to discuss with BadCO – but your comments on the original thread have given us good ideas as to what might, and might not, work.

    Many have asked about why we would want to approach the Army Rumour Service. One of Parliament’s main roles is to hold the Government to account, including the MOD. This work can impact directly on the policies and decisions that affect people like yourselves and we think ARRSE can help us keep you informed about what Parliament is doing to examine defence policy (including the work of the Defence Select Committee) and give you the chance to feed in your own views.

    Once again thank you for all your comments.
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  2. Oh no problem at all, usual fees apply, now can you tell us how benefits could be cut further for scroungers, thing is we're getting a bit peeved off with them all.
    Pass on my best wishes to IDS for making a good start, is it possible to sell council homes off for a £ to the private sector so they can make a killing.
    I've a bit of a beef with ATOS, they're a bit too easy on the idle especially drug users and alcoholics, we need to chat about making sure alcoholics don't get DLA oh and people who feel a bit tired, they could boost energy levels by clearing canals.
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  3. Can we nuke France? What about Ireland?
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  4. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    You're a bad boy, Jarrod.

    I'll start by being Panglossian and say I'll see how it pans out, being a glass half-full type.

    Edit: just noticed the subliminal double tap on Pan and wished I'd mentioned Peter.
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  5. Can you scrap that scheme where MPs pick the worst possible time to visit and are a real pain in the arrse but for little tangible gain? If only for their health - they get skiffed so badly.
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  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Don't need to visit any more; it's gone digital.
  7. I would like trespass to be a criminal offence and not a civil one, like it is in the Republic of Ireland.

    So jump to it, so called servants of the people.
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  8. I know it's not strictly about defence but they'll need us for other things so we may as well cast our net wide and if they can buy a few more paper clips from our help that'd be great.
    I may as well mention pensions and those poor Nurses, now it's fair to say that we all love and respect Nurses, well we feel they're having a bit of a hard time of it. We'd like you to look at reducing Nurses pensionable ages to 50 or maybe 55yrs old at a push, they also need a bit more wonga for when they retire. Perhaps a lump sum of four times final salary would be a start, this would easily be achievable by sticking it to the scroungers a bit more and reduce those mobility cars. Those awful Kia cars are all over the place and it's us that's paying for them.
    Thanks for your help, tell Mr Cameron to sort his hair out too it's a proper state, bit shorter and get rid of the parting.
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  9. Webcams and squaddies. What could go wrong?
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  10. When are you going to give Cameron the boot and get a proper Tory in charge?
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  11. One would imagine that certain people will be disappointed that this isn't going to take place in a forum controlled by them with access given to a select few. It would have been a lovely hidden forum, presumably up someone's arse.
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  12. I think it is going quite well, perhaps we could do our version of Question time once a week in the chat room.
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  13. Unfortunately it's in Current Affairs so we can't give an emotive view and we have to read the Financial Times before posting in case we get tested on it.
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  14. Nah, the Bible 'Old Testament' says that we cannot sell our nearest and dearest into slaveery..... so the Irish, Welsh, Scottish (that includes Moi) cannot be sold into slavery at all. the Big Guy in the Sky has made this Vorboden'. As for they other geezers across the Channel, well there's no 'Vorbodding here'.......
  15. Holding the government to account is indeed a noble objective.

    Through well over forty years of paying taxes I have seen a vast swing from what the public desire, and what parliament would place upon them, indeed as well exemplified in Jarrod's post below. It seems to me we now look after any and every minority interest imaginable, at the expense of the good of the majority of citizens. In those minorities I would personally include such as bankers, illegal immigrants, prisoners and buy-to-let landlords, to name but a few.

    If it is indeed within the remit of Parliament to hold government to account, how have we reached the position with successive governments that their policies and enacted laws seem to bear so little relation to the views of their public? For example in law, immigration, financial support only of the needy; and we even got close ,without anyone in Parliament really raising the issue, to threatening the secure nature of our own sovereignty. Even in minor areas such as how much we pay an MP and how we police their expense claims I think Parliament has in my view been found wanting.

    Bearing in mind the above, and whilst I would as one of ARRSE's unserved members personally have nothing to contribute of value to DSC debate; how would you convince ARRSE members who undoubtably hold such skills that they would spent their time and effort usefully in responding to questions?

    In that what they have to say might be genuinely listened to and maybe acted upon? As opposed to what I see as a real chance they may purely being listed as "In the consultation process, xx,000 people with an interest in the Armed Services were asked their opinions;" in effect to solely bolster the public credibility of those discussions.
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