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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jcm649, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. Cant find any other thread about this, seems that the Libyans are not that gratefull for our help.
  2. Can I get a vowel please carol?
  3. Seems that you are not able to edit the thread title after cocking up the spelling.
  4. This sort of thing has gone on since armies burried the dead on the field of battle. Sad,disgusting and pointless but not much we can do except clear up the mess when the morons are gone.
  5. And kill them, innit.
  6. Here's an "a".
  7. I wish I hadn't watched that.
  8. I wish it was playing on a big screen in Leicester Square - that way we might remember.
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  9. Just a bunch of savages. They don't grasp the concept of civilised behavior.
  10. I don't see why nato doesn't just kill all the people from these stupid countries and then we can use their land and natural resources for something useful.
    Save a lot of trouble and money on the future conflicts that will happen there.
  11. I'm septic. No relation to any of the fallen whose graves were desecrated. However if I were to say what I thought of this and of any religion that accepts these actions I would be ROP'd or banned.
  12. Ah well, when it continues to go tits up in Libya and these savages end up in London...
  13. That would be Carol.
  14. People of Islam have no loyalty and will back stab their own grand mothers. They are nothing but dirty low life scum. Let them kill each other in Syria etc...the world would be a better place but for Islam.
  15. When the Libyans came bleating that they were being tortured, beaten and murdered by the oppressive regime, it's such a pity that a NATO spokesman did not just casually reply - "you know why that is ? It's the will of Allah".
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