Thanks Freddie! Top bowler.

I'm ready for the 'incoming', but good old 'Freddie' is more of a No. 8 or 9 in Test cricket.

That said, he has scored runs in Tests: 3525 at an average of 32.

32 better than me I admit, but..........................

This superb man is a bowler! He is not, and will never be, an All-rounder.

OK! Slag me!
Oh! No!

He can't bowl!

Why do we as a nation of 'sports' lovers' build these guys up to an unsustainable level? Why did Trueman, Bedser, Statham, Tyson and others not 'crack-up' so often?

No sport in Bliar's schools? Too many 'fitness gurus'? What a load of (in my case Gin-filled) rubbish.

Thank God these overpaid, inconsequential ninnies, were not the REAL MEN who fought their way into Normandy and beyond! If they were, we would all have been speaking GERMAN!


CC_TA said:
Have you thought about upping your dossage?
Does that mean he should get more kip? :D


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