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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DRIVER_B_III_RASC, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. Posted by: thegreatsage2000 on 06/12/06 at 01:30 PM
    Question, why do fallen soldiers of todays wars have to be held in such reverence?, last time i checked joining the army was not compulsory, and if im not mistaken killing and being killed is part of the job, and lets face it u.s and british troops, in iraq for example are not dying protecting you and i(it could be said their pressence has made us more prone to terrorist attack), it would appear they are dying in vain, and going by philomelas pro war rehtoric she is o.k with that, which makes the original post on this thread all the more sickening.

    The above is a response to someone who defended, if any defence was needed, a thread that is running on the London Evening Standard web site, detailing a group of people in the USA who show respect by putting Christmas Wreaths on some US war graves in Arlington National Cemetary. You would not believe how these twisted politicos jumped on this story. The example I give is from someone I would dearly love to meet, especially down a dark alley. This is not posted as wind up, I am gutted, not surprised, just gutted at the mind set of this person.
  2. Well, it takes all sorts, I suppose, even such boorish clods. But would you happen to have a link to this by any chance?

  3. They do make a valid point, the wars in Iraq etc do little for the home nations, and it could be said the presence makes things worse. You do join up as volenteers and dying is an occupational hazard!


    The military did not go to Iraq off their own back. They went because our democratically elected Government (righly or wrongly) determined there was a risk to our nation and humanity in general. The military then pick up and act upon these decisions in an overall selfless way. They have put themselves in harms way because of us and the actions we have taken, or not, and are living and dying because of them.

    It is because of this willingness to offer the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms and rights when so many others just talk about it that I offer my meagre thanks. Especially at times of festivities when for some families, their household will never be complete again.

    So I Agree, signing up is not compulsary, but than god some people have the guts (for whatever reason) to stand up for what they believe in and stand in the line becuase they are the ones who clean up after the talking is done!

  4. Cheers, DRIVER_B_III_RASC! :D :D :D

  5. If you have not been there, the story of Worcester Wreaths 'Rest easy, sleep well my brothers. Know the line has held, your job is done is worth taking a look at.

    I wonder how many British businesses would consider a similar gesture year-on-year?

  6. A very touching tale. Nice to know that there are others who care.
  7. They wouldn't ,or at least only if their buisness involved selling stuff to sqauddies.
  8. It seems strange that there are sections of society who think we should not acknowledge our war dead in any way.

    Yet the some posh tart has a car crash in a French tunnel, whilst noshing off some rich Egyptian and the entire country shuts down for days on end. hundreds of thousands of wreathes and flowers are laid in the street and if you arn't in floods of tears you are seen as some sort of emotianal retard.

    What a great coutnry we live in. Envy of the modern world.
  9. <Hammer, nail head interface detected>