Thanks for your support (and an important announcement)

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by LBdr_Pigshagger, May 22, 2008.

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  1. Guys,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the support that I received from ARRSE during my time on The Apprentice and particularly from my brothers and sisters in The Royal Regiment of Artillery.

    It's been really great to get back in contact with some of you after such a long period of time.

    However, I do feel the need to set the record straight about certain 'rumours' that are currently doing the rounds at Larkhill.

    It has come to my attention that a certain commissioned officer at Larkhill has been telling people on a course that "I got kicked out for drugs" His name is known to me, but out of due respect for his PERSEC I won't name him on here.

    I will be trying to get in contact with him soon to set the record straight, or serve him with a solicitor's letter if it continues, but in the meantime I want to make it abundantly clear that my drug problems did not start until 2001, some three years after I was discharged and that I've been 100% clean since 2005.

    It's a period of my life that I'm deeply, deeply ashamed of, but it's over now and I've moved on.

    As ashamed of my drugs past as I am, which has been well documented in several newspapers a I'm equally as proud of my seven years EXEMPLARY Service (Four as an NCO) in the finest Regiment in The British Army.

    I won't be the first to have personal problems on being outside the wire, and I certainly won't be the last. I'm currently working with several organisations to help soldiers settle back into society after leaving, in the hope that I can persuade a few not to go down the drink, violence or in my case, drugs route.

    I messed up bad, paid for it with a messy divorce and have come out of the tunnel at the other end. I'm one of the lucky ones.

    If any of you hear these stories in the future, feel free to point the 'lamp-swinger' in the direction of this thread or drop me a PM.

    I hope this will be the end of it, now. I have posted my discharge documents up here for the whole world to see.


    Take it easy and all the best to you all - Especially those of you in sandy places

    L/Bdr Pigshagger AKA Skerrit AKA Simon Smith

  2. Not part of the forum I regularly venture into, but followed the link from the Apprentice thread....

    sorry to hear the vulture's & bullshitters are circling like that & hope you nip it in the bud. The "lawyers at dawn" approach should work.....

    Don't beat yourself up over the drugs angle too much.... have 'lost' some friends to drugs and have seen what they can do, and how low people can become.

    At least you made it through and out the other side - a lot don't make it back.
  3. Good going Simon. I'd be happy to have you as my MD anyday but my current one isn't looking for a new job yet. In fact, she's got me on some decorating next. :D
  4. The occifer concerned may also been putting it about that you had an affair with your amazing dancing bear. It's just amazing what some people will do (do di-do-di-do, do do di-do-di-do).

    Another penny to your "if I had a penny for every time .... " fund.
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    You did well & have put a bad period in your life behind you,learnt from it moved on.Sur Alun must've seen that or you would'nt have been chosen from the masses who applied.
    The people who are sh1tstabbing are jelous & probably expected you to fail when you left the army but you did'nt.They're just after some false glory.
  6. More gonads than most Simon to declare your position. head and shoulders above the good majority of the civvy pop one has to deal with on a daily basis. Proud of you old son.
  7. Well done mate, It took very big balls to volunteer for the show and you are clearly a top lad.

    I can only imagine the rage you must have at the kn*b at larkers spreading rumours.

    All the best.
  8. Hats off to you Simon.

    You did something that I have neither the courage or the talent to attempt.
  9. Some people are total throbbers, and I commend you for "outing" yourself to put the record straight. Well done for dealing with your problems, very well done, and good luck with sorting this out.

    When you speak with a solicitor (highly recommended) bear in mind that I believe there is such a thing as malicious or criminal defamation: Defamation Act 1996 and Prevention of Harassment Act 1997. Best to talk to a professional rather than rely on Google.

    Good luck
  10. Mate, your the only one who Sir Alan called friend. Well done for getting that far.
  11. Good effort mate, The rest of those throbbers may have a degree in basket weaving from Cairo University or some other crap like that, but not one ounce of common sense between them. By the way , your pic brought back a few memories. I spent too many hours either standing observing or booking whilst sitting on the old Hilliger Watt case!

    Good luck in the future
  12. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Well done Simon :)
  13. respect mate
    you did well on the show and you've come back on here fighting and proving your worth
    well done
  14. "Theodolite, Surveying, Watts, Microptic, No.II Mk. IV"

    Knock out a quick round of angles on close on 0.1 of a mil"

    To this day, I reckon I could still knock out a diamond traverse using a steam theo, steel tape and paper booking! I used to LOVE Survey on balmy days on Salisbury Plain. Lost track of the amount of man-hours that I spent erecting beacons on Beacon Hill or the famous old Knighton Down Trig!

    Grid "123 456" if I remember rightly...

    One of my last jobs before leaving was teaching on the Basic Survey Course at Larkhill. One of the best six weeks that I ever had. In the photo below Im sat at the bottom right in Combat Trousers.

    The reason? Well, being Course DS on internal courses at 32 Regiment RA wasn't a good enough excuse to get you off being Marching Relief....

  15. Didn't realise you were in the Royal Engineers :D

    Well done anyway mate, you going on big brother next with that he/she/it para then?