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Thanks for saving my arrse.

A bit of a stab in the dark.

My sincere thanks to the Squaddie who saved me from the three scabby chavs that got their girlchav to book me.

I left the leaflet you wrote your number on in the cab and could think of no other way to contact you.

If you are the 40ish grey haired squaddie who gallently saved this brass from the fuckwits in Sheffield last Sunday I shall be happy to honour my offer of a forces freebie you probably saved me from some k9 with their staffi on youtube.

Good to know there are stand up fella's left.
Dommette, there is a chance this this bloke might turn up here and see your post. However you'll probably have to hang around for a while and keep bumping this thread so he gets to find it. As you've jumped right into the Naafi part of the forum things could get a little "entertaining" though. :)

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