Thanks for proving my point PartTimePongo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tillyoohoo, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. Just as an aside

    When a thread is removed by the mods would it be possible for them to leave a place marker/reason for deletion.

    I have been trying to find a thread from yesterday but it has disappeared completely.

    I can only assume that one of the mods has removed it for whatever reason.

    Very confusing when there is no sign it even existed. Just a single post saying " I didn't like it" or some such would do.
  2. I was just getting into that thread as well before I was outted!!
  3. your a MOD Filbert, open it back up,,,,I dare ya. your a poof if you don't
  4. Or "You didn't have a lot of time to read every thread going PTP, so you went straight to the one where you suspected there may have been unsavoury posts in the 2 minutes you had available"?

    I now have the luxury of more time today, and will spend it reading through every post that has appeared in the time I was away.

    As stated by me Tillyoohoo , repeatedly , any post concerning upcoming legal action or courts-martial gets deleted as soon as I have seen it

    I have stated my reasons for this every time. In all the posts that I have deleted on this sort of topic, only one concerned an Officer , and in deleting that thread, I was subjected to an amount of vitriol that "I was not allowing his side of the story to be told" by people who knew him. I have deleted far more threads concerning OR's. In one case , I was accused of deleting the thread, because it concerned OR's from my Regiment. :roll:

    I do this, because some people cannot resist telling "what they know" , which is not the best thing to happen when the Media are banging about and there are CM's or Legals in progress. If I had read through that thread when I was logged on for the VERY brief period I had available yesterday, it would have been closed and locked then.

    There is no "Favouritism to Officers" , as I'm sure some Officers here will testify. This is simply a case of not having been able to have the time to read through the thread before. I have now had the time to do so, and my immediate reaction is to close the thread, pending deletion.

  5. Too true PTP... :D

    Love ya really!

    Best piece of advice I've ever been given about ARRSE - if you don't like it, fcuk off.

    And for the terminally dense - that was the advice.
  6. Darth D,
    What's the relevance of the photograph of the fat knacker at the bottom of your post?
  7. tillyoohoo - 6 posts and an expert on Moderation policy already?
  8. I should point out D-D , there was more than one Officer involved in the errrrr "Aggressive querying of the position of Arrse" in that case. :D

    Still, I gather it may all have turned out ok? (Without mentioning names or cases)
  9. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I suspect Tillyoohoo may have been here in a previous life.

    Oi, TILLY, ever been to Nepal?

  10. PTP - absolutely delighted, as you may have divined! :D

    Queensman - that 'fat knacker' happens to be a damn fine and extremely capable Field Commander; a truly inspiring man; and it was an absolute pleasure to serve under his command - wish we had more like him...

    ...and he's so scruffy, he makes me look smart...

    He also has a habit of wearing overlarge smocks, hence his apparent size.
  11. 6 posts ? That's b*gger all.......I had you f*ckers sussed in three.
  12. I agree.

    Photograph taken in Kosovo winter when anyone not office-bound was wearing several layers anyway!

    ...he may be scruffy DD, but not so scruffy as to make ME look smart...
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    80+ posts and 4000+ views without it breaking down into rants and raves. Thank god PTP is there to save us from ourselves. <sigh>

    Next time perhaps you could stay away a little longer being terribly brave and clever.
  14. I was quite enjoying it, exposed a probable double BB reincarnation as well!!