Thanks for all the help...

Having found out on Friday that my appeal failed and I'm now permanently deferred, I'd like to thank the regulars on here for all the advice, tips and pointers that I found useful to get in shape and to get this far through the process. I'm devastated about missing out on the opportunity to serve, but sometimes life throws a curveball, all I can do is pick myself up again and move on. So thanks for everything guys, keep up the good work.
Sorry to hear that mate! Good luck with whatever you end up doing.

As my dear old mother would say "it wasn't meant to be and they'll be something better out there for you" :roll:


Sorry to hear that mate. At least you know you tried as pathetic as that sounds and there was nothing more you could have done.

Good luck for whatever you do in the future!


War Hero
Unlucky mate, you had the balls to apply and try, there are plenty of work shy arrseholes out there at the moment that would never dare for fear of actually doing some work let alone serving their country ;)


Good luck mate.

I got permanantly rejected aout 2 months back now, still very upset about the whole thing and still finding it hard to accept and absorb, but I'm moving on.

The hardest thing is accepting it mate, do that and you're on your way.

Everything happens for a reason.


It really seems unfair that people with so much enthusiasm get deferred for health reasons yet the cnuts on the dole who are fit as a fiddle could walk straight in (so to speak) and couldn't even care less for the Army.

Unlucky for you mate, best of luck for whatever you choose to do now :)

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