Thanks for a Spanking time!!!

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by offhand, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. 26 years ago young Dr Spank turned up at Ashford in his Austin Maxi 1850 HL, got saluted, shown to the Trg Wing and Bollocked, Sqd 107
    busy doing drill on the square! After an interesting time, many good memories and making the best of friends today it is all over, cheers Ladies and
    Gentlemen past and present, looking forwards to the future, no doubt I will meet up with many of you (Spud is coming round for a curry tonight!)
    have a good one,

  2. Cheers Spank. No doubt will see you around.
  3. pity, I hear you were just starting to get the hang of being a half decent IA as well
  4. Unlike you, you can't seem to get the hang of being unwelcome.

    Best of luck Spank with whatever the future holds.
  5. Before Ad Astra chokes on himself with embarrassment and rage, I believe there was an article in the Soldier Mag this month about the role of Reaper and how the RAF officers piloting the thing from their base near Las Vegas have publicly stated that they couldn't have managed without the professional input from the INT CORPS IAs or whatever they are called these days.

    Best of luck Spank - hope you've got a lot to look forward to !
  6. Good luck for the future Spank.
  7. Combatintman? Thought you'd disappeared off the face of the earth! How's tricks buddy. I'm soon to join the ranks of civvy street mate. Have to catch up with you on other means.
  8. 26 years ago? That'll be shortly after Exercise 'Bored Defender' where you and your ilk first subjected me (as a young, handsome yet naive 18 year-old) to the vagaries and delights of a squadron 'smoker'. I'm still traumatised from the view that I got ;).....

    Was hoping to meet up with you at the Trumpton get-together the other week but couldn't get the time off work. Are you going to the November do?

    All the best for the future, mate.

    ps. Hope Mum's ok.
  9. I'll always remember the dull tones of military French music floating out of the office and down the corridor. Thanks. :)
  10. all the very best spank! from an old Phoenix operator at 39 who was there under duress!
  11. Still about but lack of posts of late has been due to me being in the 'Stan again - got back the middle of last month considerably richer and with even more gongs.
  12. Bugger off civvy! Bloody IA's! Bloody Watchkeeper. Bloody Bloody............