Thanks arrse!

Major Thanks to Udipor for his outstanding review as i have no doubt that honest and indeed very fair review has helped me break into bestseller's lists in AND today!

This book I felt took some courage writing parts which I felt a little uneasy and thats why I had to write it in

Thanks to all the Arrserr's ;P who have taken an interest in my book and please make note that all proceeds are going to charities that deal with PTSD for good - all royalties go to charity!

Please spread the word and again, BIG thanks to all!


Spread the word of what?

Linky Man!
64 pages long? I've written longer shopping lists.
merchantman, cheers for the post. This is a vignette for the physical hardback book out later this year or early next year

Would appreciate a review too mate?

Very Best
Lol, cheers Bryan, it is a vignette, however it has over 50 five stars and 5 four stars worldwide in 4 months so short stories are in lol, thanks for the interest buddy

Very Best
Joe_Private, thanks buddy, it's 77p because it's a vignette of the hardback book out later.

This will be evergreen for ptsd charities mate and bring a bigger platform to the more in depth hardback edition

Very best
Thanks a bunch Merchantman, look mate, I know its not a lot but my facebook/Titter accounts drive a load of traffic to the book for purchases and its went ballistic again tonight going in at 3 bestseller places

Thanks for your purchase buddy, would be delighted to know what you think -best!

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