Thankfully, no 2 minute silence

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by eve1962, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. "In Bristol the other tenants of the building do not wish to hold a formal two minute silence so there will be no bell at noon; of course, you may mark the anniversary by your own period of silent contemplation if you wish."

    The above e-mail just sent around our office. So obviously not just people on Arrse who are against it.
  2. Just make sure they don't do the same thing on Armistice day, eh?
  3. And no doubt they didn't wish to do so for fear of alienating other groups who might then insist on a silence for the Iraqi and Afghani dead...........
  4. Respect to anyone caught up in the terrible events of last July but the offer of 2 minutes silence degrades any British Serviceman/woman caught up in years of war, which is what it should be used for. Quiet Contemplation for those who gave their lives defending our now SH1TE country. Besides, they need compensation Blair, not sympathy you fekkin tool. i for one will not be standing by for 2 minutes !
  5. My bold. As much sympathy as i have with their problems, why the feck should they be compensated. Its not like the government blew them up. They get NHS treatment free (already paid for) what the feck else shoud they get money for?????

    Grrr, this issue really grips!!

  6. had this happened anywhere but london do you think there would be as much coverage :?: :?: :?: :?:

    do not want to appear heartless, my condolences go out to those that did lose family in the atrocity however it always has to be about feckin london.
  7. We have no option-orders being orders etc-Pt 1's inform us that the Department for Culture Media and Sport has decided ....etc

    Kulcha, Meeja and Feckin Sport-that sums up Blair's Britain to a T-it couldn't have come from an office with some dignity such as his own (not that he has much of that left) or the Home Office-it has to come from the Micky Mouse outfit CM&S.

    As for compo-the vics are recieving compo at standard Criminal Injuries Compensation Board levels-which I personally have no major problem with.
  8. This information was cascaded down to local government as well, my LG have been told WE HAVE TO ABIDE BY IT. The one thing I do agree to is to respect the dead
  9. ''do not want to appear heartless, my condolences go out to those that did lose family in the atrocity however it always has to be about feckin london''

    Yes, it happened in London.
  10. I thought they were getting the same amout of compenstation as other victims of violent crime. Terrible as it was why should their families get more than say the family of a victim killed in an armed robbery. It might be the case that all victims of violent crime are awarded too little but as already pointed out it wasn't the government that killed them was it? (Queue the debate on the murderers motives and UK foriegn policy)

    As for the two minutes well we are now a nation that likes to wear our feelings on our cuffs, the stiff upper lip was last seen circa 1982... Was Princess Di's death the start of it?
  11. Direction is the name of the game in my area! Perhaps I have worn too much on my sleeve in the last few days!

    Ho Hum. Lots of things to do tomorrow - off-site, as it happens.

  12. Just watched the breakfast tv programs and its non bloody stop 7/7!
    I just hope to god a soldier isnt killed in Iraq/Afghanistan today (or any other time but we sadly know that wont happen) and he/she gets relegated tothe 5th news item after...
    1. 7/7 2 Min silence.
    2. Family of one of the suicide bombers speaking on how "we couldnt believe he would do such a thing" :x
    3. Prescott...(just feck off!!!)
    4. Beckham going to Newcastle!!
    5. Soldier killed in Iraq/Afghanistan :(
  13. Luckily their was no two minuet silence for me!
    Agree with it or not why did the sky news correspondant deside she had to talk us through the silence?
  14. On the compensation issue, Menenez's family and the Forest Gate "Innocents" should also only recieve the same compensation as the victims of the bombings. I personally feel that the governments failure to deal with the Islamic menace mean they have a responsibilty to the victims on the grounds of criminal negligence.

    As for the two minutes silence, Remembrance Sunday is where we should remember British victims of war, not just the Forces dead, but also those who died in the Blitz, those killed by the IRA etc and those murdered by Islamonazism. They too are victims of war.
  15. Rememberance Sunday is in respect for those who willingly gave their lives to fight for their country and their friends. Not only those who died, but also the ones left living who are still dealing with the consequences.
    While I have sympathy for all the others killed - that day is a day for the forces. END OF.