Thank you to whoever exposed that nasty little creature Darren Clark!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by A day late, Apr 2, 2011.

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  1. I refer to the following thread:

    Thankyou for exposing this dirty little beast!

    My little girl was a sociology student at the University of Essex and a similar thing happened to her.

    She met a young man from the Army at a bar in Colchester and invited him back to her student room on Avon Way.

    He then commited vile acts of depravity with her and left in the middle of the night but not after defacating in her handbag.

    She has not been able to contact him since but the CSA is eager to trace him as she gave birth to a little bouncing baby boy as a result of this encounter.

    He is a sweet little boy and we have named him "Boris".

    So if anybody knows this soldier please ask him to get in touch as Boris needs a daddy.
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  2. Boris' dad is a legend in my eyes!
  3. I know his dads name, If you go up to the camp and ask for " 2Para". He is a nice guy. Just goes to far when he drinks babysham.
  4. Did he do anything that may set him apart from the rest of the Army or RN?
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  5. Like maybe caring about her sexual satisfaction?
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  6. Your daughter is a slutty hooer for shagging on a first date and at least the arrival of 'Boris' has hopefully prevented her persuing her sockpuppet sociology degree! Now she can do something useful with her life like flipping burgers or collecting bottle tops!
  7. 'He then commited vile acts of depravity with her and left in the middle of the night but not after defacating in her handbag'

    So he didn't shit in her Birkin? I thought you said he was depraved? He passed up a perfect opportunity, the lightweight.
  8. We don't like radicals in the Army.
  9. Oh scrap condom so she'll probably die of AIDS or go mad from syphilis before she can be useful! Bugger!
  10. Let's not forget Reiter's Syndrome!
  11. Oh get fucking real. Everbody knows that during deployments garrison towns become shagfest centres. Half the wives are out putting about, If there is a teenage daughter available then wampo.
  12. Ihave a feeling this willbe printed off and hung in a Mess somewhere, there will also be a trophy where deed's are relived, this lad is fucking LEGEND!
  13. I thought April Foolls Day was yesterday, nice try though, just 24 hours late.
  14. 'My little girl was a sociology student'

    Will she write a thesis on him now?
  15. Wah 1234567