Thank you, sun

So, a week of fine weather and I would personally like to thank the sun for shining so bright. The young ladies have slipped into their summer frocks and the amount of flesh being shown has been a wondrous sight! Low tops, lots of leg and more. Whilst not a fan of Cheryl Cole, I would like to thank her for the fashion of the short, wide skirt/dress. They flounce around and give a tantalising glimpse of what lies beneath.
On the downside, some of the ladies have a tad too much flesh to flash around in public. Ladies, unless you have a body like January Jones, if you are a size 16 and above, the less flesh flashed the better.
But for those of you who do suit the styles, thank you for making an old (ish) man's week. May we have a scorcher of a summer.
I'm on nights, so am missing all the summery dresses and female flesh. Spending tonight googling rain dances you bastards.
Think yourself lucky, at least you will get off nights soon. I am in the land of the burka....all the sun, but none of the wench flesh.
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