Thank You Message From Wounded Royal Marine

Nice email from the sister of a wounded Royal marine who was evaced to the Canadian hospital in Kandahar.

February 2007
vol 8 No. 1

Thanks to the staff at the Canadian-led Multinational Medical Unit in Kandahar

My brother, LCpl J. Hare, is a member of Zulu Company, 45 Commando, Royal Marines and was serving in Afghanistan. On 3 December 2006, yet another suicide bomber attacked the vehicle my brother was driving. He and two other Royal Marines were injured and evacuated to the Canadian-led Multinational Medical Unit in Kandahar.

My brother (when I talked to him many long days and several surgeries later) asked me to pass along a message to the medical staff at the hospital the chopper flew him and his mates to. He was overwhelmed by how professional everyone was. He said "I cannot say enough about them, from the second we got there we were so well taken care of. What a great bunch of people, caring, professional and spot on." There are three Royal Marines that are die hard fans of Canadian troops.

We, as a family, would like to include our heartfelt thanks to you for your care of our youngest brother who arrived wounded, dazed and bleeding at your hospital and was treating so well by you all. The rest of my siblings are scattered over most of Europe but I am a Canadian citizen, as well as British, and live with my family in Alberta. I am not only grateful to our wonderful Canadian troops but also extremely proud of each and every one of you.

Vanessa Evans
Printed off and given to the Canadians working across the corridor from me. I'm sure they will be justifiably be proud to be part of the Canadian Forces.

Nice sentiment and good to see positive allied co-operation.


I had the pleasure of being the aeromed escort for your brother, and his two opo's from kandahar to B'ham, they were top fella's and amazed everyone with the speed of there recovery, I was there when they were rushed into the canadian role 3, and then a couple of days later they were up and wandering about,... inspirational stuff

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