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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by booboo, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. Sorry for asking what, for some of you will be a bone question. I need to write a thank you letter to the CO of another regiment. I've looked on EDW but it's not particularly helpful. I'm a junior Captain & I would like to know:

    Hand written?
    Headed paper?

    Thank you for your help!

  2. Someone's got to say it...

    The first thing to do is learn how to spell it (your heading refers). Yeah, sorry, I know, I'll get my coat.

    On a more serious note; personally, if I am writing a letter on my own initiative I will always hand write it, if somebody else has asked me to do it, I type. The over-riding principle that I apply to staff work is, knackers to the JSP, define yourself by having your own style.
  3. Times new roman, font- 11
  4. "Dear Sir" from a Captain to a CO??

    Surely "Dear Colonel Xxxx" is still correct. Notwithstanding the demise of DO letters!
  5. Almost as bad as 'Yours sincerely'. It's a CO to whom the letter is directed, not the editor of your local rag.
  6. In case of misunderstanding, that was my point. You missed out part of my post.

    Actually the JSP 101 Defence Writing Guide recommends "Yours sincerely". I don't agree with it.
  7. Hackle,

    Apologies, my laziness had the effect of attributing poor style to your good self.

    JSP 101 has lost it's way. It has been written either by a civil servant, or a member of the junior Service - both organisations take an almost Stalinist approach to the bland, and rejoice in their total lack of style and originality.

  8. Couldnt agree more, PAW. Luckily I am no longer bound by such things! ;) Anyway, I hope someone finds our joint answer to be helpful!
  9. It's not an official letter, it's from me thanking him for letting me visit his regiment. What's the consensus? Hand written and Dear Colonel? If so, what is the correct valediction. I need to post it tomorrow morning!!!
  10. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Having been in that position myself last year, I wrote the letter by hand, refered to Dear Brigadier X to whom I was sending this letter and made sure that I ended in the formal but immortal I have the honour to be, etc. 3 short paragraphs - 1. Refer to event and thanks. 2. Some particular words or action of kindness they bestow is why you are grateful. 3. Final thanks and well wishing to have a return match some day.

    Worked for me - no complaints and 2 happy Brigadiers, because the one in my reporting chain told me so. 2 House points to Griffindor and a small green lollipop for Mysteron.
  11. You are absolutely right that it was written by a barcode-wearer. He goes by the luminary title of SO2 DW or somesuch.
  12. SO2 DW? That sounds far more exciting than my next job and it would give me ample scope to practise real pedantry. Where is the Job Spec and when can I apply?

  13. It does mean that you have to work at the Defence Academy!
  14. I might be too late but,

    Hand write "Dear Colonel", type the rest, sign it off as "Yours Sincerely".
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Try this

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