Thank You HarrySmith95th -Going to the TA as PSI / RSM?


I agree with you in principle... but I did say "absent/gapped", you might as well get them started on what they'll be doing come the next promotion board. After all, playing the "I couldn't possibly help plan the training, Sergeant-Major, I'm only a Lance-Corporal" card is great if you're recruiting train drivers for the Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers, but it isn't exactly the mark of a worthwhile Volunteer.
Unfortunately the WO is attempting to offload the work is the often seen reason for this. Smaller units can often train themselves in a better fashion than larger ones, the old TA principle of a Coy HQ with a sp weapons pln and a rifle pln in one location and two other separate rifle plns in other locations worked better for the separate plns than the one at Coy HQ. The ever present need to make a brew whilst dusting shelves in the CQMS would use up 2 soldiers that needed training, counting milan kit for the PSI (really a task for a weekday) would use up another 2 soldiers that would benefit from training!
The ever present need to make a brew whilst dusting shelves in the CQMS store, counting milan kit for the PSI
Our Recce Platoon found ourselves based in Battalion HQ. F***ing wonderful.

My true and defining role as a Pl Comd involved making sure that the guys turning up to train didn't get dicked for the jack jobs that the NRPS and civvy staff were too idle to do in the week... I even got subtle (e.g. preferred classroom bookings were for the far-away one that was the last place anyone looked, etc, etc) perspective as an OC was slightly different (yay, PRE), but still involved trying keep GD parties to a bare minimum and outside training periods, by "let's get everyone to do five to ten minutes work at the start/end of a night, rather than two unlucky bods spend the whole evening being demotivated"...

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