Thank you gentlemen

Today i start my Term Leave after 24 years man and boy (79C). proud to have had the opportunity to be a TARA in the corps.  Its a soldiers privilige to whinge and if you dont enjoy it then vote with your feet! still here i see, good. Good luck to all of you in the future boys
I wish you all the luck in the world out there on the "dark side". Do yourself and everyone else a favour and keep in touch with us all either on arrse or all the other groups on yahoo and msn. All the luck in the world to ya mate.

Steve good luck .

If you need any help or advice about the outside world feel free to give me a call, same about the best job sites, or companys that are recruiting from the signals etc...
I was 79C as well. Were you Catterick, Ouston or Harrogate?

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