Thank You from the Taliban

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Markintime, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. We, the Taliban wish to thank our sisters in Massachusetts for their efforts on our behalf. As you know we are currently engaged in a Holy War in the name of our glorious Allah. We have to fight that war on two fronts because of the presence of British and US Infidel troops in our glorious and God-given land of Afghanistan.
    Through our joint efforts in funding the Irish Republican Army we can take our war to the United Kingdom where our funding and training of Irish freedom fighters will ensure a long battle for supremacy.
    The Infidel British have no stomach for a terror war at home, in the North of Ireland and in our beloved homeland. They will have to withdraw for Afghanistan which will have a knock-on effect and the US Infidel Dogs will be too stretched to effectively combat our glorious fighters for Islam and we shall drive them from the land so that we can, once again, train our beloved martyrs to fly planes into selected targets in the decadent infidel zoo called America.
    We shall smash the Zionist Yankee Infidel and take over your land. Do not think we won’t be grateful though, we shall recognise the good Irish sisters and you will be given the choice of conversion to Islam or martyrdom. In recognition of your help and assistance to our cause we shall grant you the generous honour of being able to wear with pride a green and red Burka, the Green for Ireland and red for the rivers of the blood of your martyred cousins which will be flowing all over the North of Ireland.
    The new Islamic State of Mohammed (the old US) will be born out of your efforts, your fund-raising and your encouragement which will help us win in the name of Allah.

    Allah Ackbar
  2. PTP's gonna love this thread......................
  3. Refer to a post yesterday about PTP being otherwise engaged, custody of current affairs has passed into other hands for a little while.
    But I get what you are saying :D
  4. The IRA were/are also backed by the extreme left in Britain.That is the same extreme left that backs the "peace"movement,aid for Gaza and other crank causes.

    Many members of the Labour Party can be called extreme left.
  5. Gerry Adams is a commited Marxist....oh and a tout.
  6. Never heard female genitalia called that before :D
  7. Have you never heard the phrase 'no he cant be a tout,a tout is useful'.

    Wisely moved to the NAAFI I see.
  8. So that's the IRA PIRA CIRA and the TalibanRA, f@cking splitters!!
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    This is out of order.

    You talk of these groups as if they're the be-all and end-all of badness and global 'keel them' jihadism, but you forgot Columbian drug cartels - they gunna be mighty pIssed at you for leaving them out of the frame . . . . the IRA didn't!
  10. We recognise the support given to our brothers in Ireland by the Columbians but regret the petty protectionism which impinges on our own revenue stream.
  11. What about the popular peoples front of judea?

    Where are they?

    He`s over there.
  12. They were amalgamated into the Popular Peoples Front of Ballycastle after the great split of '98 , caused following infighting within the local dissadent group after a post-Kellys curry in Paddystanis Indian restaurant turned nasty.....
  13. Sorry, I missed that. Did you say that GERRY ADAMS IS A TOUT?
  14. Don't you think that Gerry Adams' beard is very Taliban front of Judea ish. That's another thing that the Life of Brian gave us, an early exposure to what our enemy looks like.

  15. So can he get tickets for home european games at Anfield then?