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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. I did this post early just before going out for my morning swim.
    I consider Brown to the worst Chancellor in my time.
    His rep stand on the fact that for first couple of years he was very tight fisted withe the exchequer. Then he never raised Taxes but introduced Stealth Taxes.
    He sold off a large proportion of UK's Gold reserves announcing months in advance so that International Gold dealers bought no Gold and so drove the price down. Gold has since doubled in value.
    He was chancellor in an era of Low world inflation and failed to make hay while the sun shined.
    He has spennt Billions on Public Private partnerships which have driven up UK's debt for the next 50 years , but the debt does appear on the Public Books.
    In his time we have had the first Run on a UK Bank in living memory, and homeowners are now facing negative equity.
    Now we find that the UK Stock exchange has lost money over the last Ten years, the Years of Gordens rign.

    The Great British Economic Miracle:
    FTSE 100 on 6 March 1998: 5782
    FTSE 100 on 5 March 2008: 5767

    Growth: -0.26%

    The Land of George Bush's Tax Cuts:
    Dow Jones on 6 March 1998: 8569
    Dow Jones on 5 March 2008:12213

    Growth: +42.53%

    Workshy Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys:
    CAC 40 on 6 March 1998: 3875
    CAC 40 on 5 March 2008: 4676

    Growth: +20.67%

    Merkel's Tax Cutting Social Market Economy:
    DAX on 6 March 1998: 5097
    DAX on 5 March 2008: 6545

    Growth: 28.41%

    Chinese "Communists" with 16% Income Tax:
    Hang Seng on 6 March 1998: 11519
    Hang Seng on 5 March 2008: 23120

    Growth: 100.71%

    From Guy Fawkes a right wing Blog.
    Did not transfer well had to edit more then once.