Thank you Chelsea FC

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Sandshuffler, May 2, 2007.

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  1. Thanks for the show at Liverpool FC in the Champions League that was the best laugh I have had all season. I am not a supporter of Liverpool, but I do have to admit they went about the business of playing football professionally.
    Is it me or was Morno the donkey hearder watching a different game. Anyway thank you Chelsea for showing us how a big club plays football and the gracious way you accept defeat.
    Moron must have gone to the school of Saddam quotes.
  2. Quite a dull post, but thought i'd add this bit, as it's kind of related

    Bloody Scousers :roll:
  3. try the sports forum, there's much more similar stuff on there...
  4. Did the same crooks then not steal some bits from a twin squirrel helicopter
  5. So very very tasteless...

    Still, shouldnt be too shocked, tis the naafi after all
  6. Last i heard is that Mourinho was talking to the pilot, however it is still not known if he (the pilot) fell asleep or just gave up the will to live.
  7. Theory is that Lampard carried out this burglary as he was completely missing at Anfield from 1945 to 2130 on Tuesday evening. :wink: