Thank you BBC for some comedy gold.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shortfuse, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. Did anyone else watch "dancing on wheels" last night, about the mechanised (wheelchair) branch of the blackpool ball room dancing society...

    Without a shadow of a doubt the funniest thing i've seen since the one about the kids who look like old people, or the 34 stone teenager..

    Keep it coming BBC, I'm happy to pay my extortionate telly license for you to churn out repeats of only fools and horses ad nauseum as long as you get the odd gem accidentaly and not on purpouse giving me something to squirt wee into my underpants laughing at.
  2. I think my favourite recently was when Keith Allen took a busload of Tourette Syndrome sufferers to France on a doubledecker bus. It was supposed to be a serious documentary but you could see the smirk on Allen's face each time one of the bods kicked off. And to top it all they got a black, born-again Christian to drive the bus. Brilliant!!
  3. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    There were a couple of progs fairly recently on tv that were hilarious. One was about a society of Narcoleptics. Now, bearing in mind that this condition causes one to fall asleep at odd and inappropriate moments, it was again unintentionally raucous. The commitee meeting in particular. As they all fell asleep at various points, the meeting took forever.
    The other one that tickled me was a documentary about 'Guys and Dolls'. These were blokes who were for some unfathomable reason not able to form relationships with real women and paid thousands of quids for lifelike dolls! Not just for sex. One guy, who described himself as 'a real catch, a macho man' whose hobbies were making model aeroplanes - and hanging them all around his house - and hang-gliding, took his doll with him when out. Left 'her' in car with a note pinned on saying "I am not dead, I am a doll"! And he was English. I wondered how these people fared next day when they went into work? personally, I might have hung myself.
  4. How did I miss that? The BBC programmer responsible for that idea deserves a medal.
  5. F**k missed all of these. Can we have some early warning on the site if one of these is spotted in the TV listings. Possibly starting a thread with broadcast date and time to allow speculatation on the possible content.
  6. It was fantastic watching the French stand politely whilst the kids called them all sorts of names.... you can just imagine which ones.

    Did nobody see half tonne hospital last night- full of beautiful busty women. Would have given Bigbird a run for her money (well maybe not a run, more a shuffle into an electronic wheelchair). :roll:
  7. or the programme where there was a huge disparity in marrying ages

    HE was 22 she was 70

    he was 26 she was 64

    that was the scariest thing I ever saw

    especially the snogging
  9. It would be like licking out an old wallet that had been buried in entrails.
  10. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    One of the younger blokes that had tied up with a -much - older woman was Bulgarian. Now, that was nothing to do with getting a residency here at all. He was an 'actor', or so we were told. Certainly had the porn-star moustache. Or so I was told, not ever, never ever having seen any rude film. Ever. Honestly.
  11. Our lass is always going on about that. She laughed her head off from start to finnish.

    Mind you shes a social worker and has seen some God awful things in old poeples houses.
  12. Scariest part was when some of them divulged or attempted to show the presenter their lovemaking strategies :oops: .... I'm just grateful they did not go into the ways of holding back saggy skinflaps.