Thank you all


I'd like to offer my thanks for your health and fitness advice over the past year. I've just completed AOSB main and gotten a clean pass. My fitness held up well through it, and that is in no small part thanks to the advice I've received on this board.

I will no doubt be back shortly, as the training has just begun!

But this board is excellent, my thanks again.

Crash Dummy


Book Reviewer
Congrats - keep it up!
Trussell said:
Well done mate, how does it feel? :p I aspire to get up that mountain too
I've wanted this for so long, and so badly. It feels great. On the day I got it, I reread the letter three times, because I couldn't believe I'd finally got there!

I think I'll end up on the January intake, unless something unexpected happens.
Trussell - are you looking at joining as a soldier or an Officer?

Because crashdummy has just passed Officer selection - different kettle of fish! :)

Editted to add congrats to crashdummy, i'm on January intake myself having passed a month ago - good times.
Trussell said:
A letter? Wow posh :p

I thought they just told you on the day? :O
Trussell you're getting a very annoying habit of posting things of little relevance on topics you know nothing about. Wind it in and do a little more reading to posting.
Well done mate. Hope to be in the same position as you soon.

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