Thank you all for the HC(M)R advice

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Snoreador, Oct 15, 2010.

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  1. Dear all,

    Just a quick note to thank you all for your advice on all things HC(M)R that I have received here. I visited the HCR at Combermere Barracks yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed myself; the information gleaned from here proved very useful, and I had some very interesting conversations with the officers and soldiers of the regiment.

    So, onwards with the application process!

  2. So, just to confirm, they checked that Daddy owns half of Hampshire, gave you a 4 figure mess bill after 2 days, and ensured your polo handicap wasn't too high (or low!).....
  3. Yes, that sounds about right. They also checked what my favourite vintage port is, how I have my man iron my newspaper in the morning, and finally grilled me on the meaning of the word 'holloa!'. All as expected, what ho?
  4. Well, i can sleep soundly now, I was worried, honestly i was.
  5. Glad to know somebody cares! Just trying to not be an information leach who comes in, demands answers, and doesn't actually thank people for putting fingers to keyboards.
  6. He's cavalry, therefore you will need to use more horsey language or metaphors, so that he is fully conversant with that which you are trying to impart. View Halloa!
  7. Well done, old chap! Bloody good news and all that, what?! I believe you shall make a fine young orrificerah before your time with the Donkey Wallopers is through, what?! BEEEAAAARRRRHHHH!! Just leave the actual fighting to us Dragoons and we should be fine as punch, eh? What? What?!

  8. Damn fine show, Sir, damn fine show! I'm confused though - fighting? Sounds a bit, well, orrrf. I thought one just joined for the hunting, shooting, fishing and fine wines? Well, must dash - my man has just got my horse ready. Tally ho!
  9. Just remember never to confuse MFH with FHM when in conversation.
  10. Capital, simply spiffing! (monocle fogs up with excitement)