Thank You 2 the Adult Instructors

this will probably get a bit of stick but what the hell

i would like to express my deepest thanks and respect to all the AI of the ACF even those who i have been in disputes with i still hold you all in the highest of regard for what you have done for me and other young people in this country.

Thank you.


ps. may see some of you on annual 2day :D
It's good to hear they are appreciated. i read yesterday about the shortage of scout leaders, I think the article said there is a waiting list for scouts of 300000. I wouldn't want to work with teenagers - especialy on a voluntary basis! People who are AIs, scout leaders etc deserve thanks from the whole community - there are some complete scumbag teenagers around so groups such as these do sterling work for the whole

the shame is the boys who would most benefit probably don't join scouts or cadets.

ah-found saturday's article
if i had a pint right now i'd raise a toast to all the Adults who make the cadets possible


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Thanks for that one, L_B.

With regard to the society that we have today we have achieved the society that we deserve.

Post war this country, through successive governements, has intorduced "pregressive reforms" that give "rights" to young people.

Their desire to exercise these "rights" is natural; sadly the "rights" they have achieved are the rights to do what they like without let or hinderence.

The "rights" that they have lost in the process are the right to an innocent childhood, the right to learn in a disciplined environment, the right to learn risk management by playing outside as children. the right to benefit from strong, decent role models.

I could go on but I am sounding like my father and for that I will not apologise.

Alongside these "rights" they have been protected from almost all adult influence by a cadre of do-gooders who have made working with young people something shameful. They have whipped up a paedophile crusade to the point where the motives of anyone who wants to work with children are assumed to be wrong until proven otherwise.

The way to reclaim this country is not through ASBOs and Good Behaviour Contracts, the way to reclaim this country and give a decent framework back to the teenagers is to get involved with your local community.

Volunteer at the youth club, becaome a scout leader, sign up to be an ACF AI.

It is in your hands.

Apathy breeds the contempt that so many teenagers show for today's society.

We have achieved the society that we collectively deserve.
I get the feeling that he's been pinged by someone in his County, hence the grovelling comments.....

But your sentiments are spot on, aside from the walters, most ACF AI's do a fantastic job.
If you really wanted to show your appreciation LBdr, try being less of a throbber in future.
silverstoat said:
But your sentiments are spot on, aside from the walters, most ACF AI's do a fantastic job.
Especially in the field of first aid, Praetorian.
Distant memories of having streaming eyes and biting down hard on an FFD as a large c/sgt held me down...

(and another extracted the mother of all tree-trunks from under my thumbnail)
just back from crowborough camp (what an absoloute cracker it was!), and i must say a hassive thanks to ALL the adults involved for making it possible!

esp the adults on the star 2 cadre for getting us through our 3 day ex in 1 piece!

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