Thank God for Dead Soldiers! "God hates the British army"

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by pandaplodder, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. Not my title but.....

    Anyway the sick puppies are friends of an American Baptist Church that protests at funerals of American service personnel.

    They seem to have a couple of UK members on facebook.

    Hermione Wileman-Ashby profile can be found at:

    The event can be found here:

    Then there is Olivia Hartley

    06 January 1983
    Barnsley, United Kingdom
    Relationship Status:
    Interested In:
    Looking For:
    Political Views:
    Conservative Party
    Religious Views:
    Christian - Baptist

    she also helps run the group:

    More Fires! More Earthquakes! More Dead soldiers!


    Apparently they will be outside the barracks tomorrow

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  2. i smell a rather bad taste wah
  3. absolutely awful, done already :x
  4. FFS Care in the comunity don't work, bring back the loony bins
  5. It may not be a Wah. There are people like this about
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Ancient history, these people are well known for their crap. They won't be anywhere near the barracks as their bullsh1t is against the law here and they'd be nicked toot sweet.

    She is a bit of a looker though and I'm willing to bet she's taken in the wrong un before now.
  7. i know, but (and I sterotype here even though sarge told me not to at Hendon) they don't normally look like that (by that I mean like young officers WAGS) also look at the names of some of the "supporters" they seem a bit, well, made up?

  8. God certainly hated the British Army when I was in: Exhibit A, Otterburn.
  9. Especially in the States, they are alas uber der platz
  10. This "God hates soldiers/fags/America/fag enablers" cr4p is coming from the Westboro Baptist Church. Unfortunuatly they're not a wah. Louis Theroux made a documentary about them (The Phelps family/the most hated family in America). You can watch it on There's about 100 of these retarded clowns.
  11. shame, that olivia would take a dick like a true champion.